Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Merry!

Hi girls,
HAPPY HOLIDAYS (that's me, Brownie/Devon, and Lauren, circa '82)!!! Thank you ever so much for spending '07 dishing about mascara and lip gloss with me. It was truly a very special year. I got bangs, I lost bangs. I fell even more ravenously in love with Chris Brown at the VMA's. I discovered an organic relaxer. All in all, 2007 was tops. And now, I'm going to leave you with a little Shake Your Beauty present--the December/January Stila Product of the Month trivia question! Be the first to answer correctly, and you'll win the Gift of Glow Bronzing Set (scroll down on the right to experience le glow). Good luck, and have a wonderful whatever-you-celebrate! I'll see you in '08 with sparkly bronze lipgloss on.
big, sloppy MWAH! on both cheeks,
Your Tia

In IT CHICKS, what's the name of Izzy's "guardian?"

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh, Goody!

Hi ladies,
I have a stunning blowout! On Monday, I had the profound pleasure to attend Goody's launch of their new Mosaic collection, a line of styling tools designed for "ethnic" hair (that word always makes me's so CAREFUL). I have to tell you, at first I only went because they were holding it at Manhattan's super-fancy, celeb-studded Edris Salon, and they were giving the editors blowouts. But when I got there, I realized that Goody collaborated with black hair genius, Chuck Amos, to create the collection! Now, Chuck Amos has worked with the best--Alicia, Iman, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Kelis, Vanessa--and he even styled Beyonce's "Dangerously in Love" coif. Very rawwrr. Anyway, Chuck brought his genius to these tools in a way that will truly revolutionize haircare--and I've seen it all. The tool that stopped my heart was the why-did-it-take-them-so-long Goody So Smooth 2-in-1 Rake Comb($5.99), a brush-comb hybrid designed to create the sleekest pony's and updo's, even if you're a natural girl or way overdue for a perm (like me...this is why I was hyperventilating). The super-tight boar bristles manage to grab even the most stubborn kitchens, hairlines, and that area around your ears, smoothing it into silky submission (great for little girls, too). If you're really trying to get that Sade-sleek, straight from the root moment, Chuck even suggested applying a bit of styling cream along the top of the bristles before using. I'm telling you, this rake is MAGIC. I used it this morning, and my kitchen went down screaming.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Party Monster

Hey chicas,
Whether you're a 'tis-the-season cheerleader or a bah humbugette, one thing about the holidays everyone can get into is the party-hopping. Go ahead, try to tell me you don't love a good holiday get-down. You get to dress up in a frothy little cocktail dress, get hammered off spiked eggnog and FINALLY look appropriate wearing that tarty scarlet lipstick! Good times had by all! The only downside is waking up on January 2nd after a three-week bender, glancing in the mirror and realizing you look like Keith Richards. Yes girls, I'm talking about Hangover Face. It's not cute...but the good news is, it's totally fixable, thanks to Korres Party Survival Kit ($29). Chock full of Korres's legendary aromatherapeutic products (beauty editors kill for this stuff), this brilliantly edited kit will ensure that you'll look all refreshed, renewed, and respectable The Morning After. It contains: Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer, Evening Primrose Eye Cream, Guava Body Butter, Guava Showergel, Milk Proteins 3-in-1 Emulsion, and Lemon Refreshing chewing gum (a walk of shame must-have). Delish.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Iman, I Feel Like A Woman!

Hey girls,
Tralalalalaaahhh! That's me, yodeling with delight over some profoundly exciting news. Hold onto your hats, miladies. Iman, who many of you know is my very own Fairy Godmodel, called me last week to give Shake Your Beauty the EXCLUSIVE on her very thrilling new venture (see, Iman, in all her omnipotent fabulosity, knows that my SYB Babes are a savvy bunch of tastemakers who no doubt wield the most style influence among their girlfriends. Smart lady!). Anyway, onto the news! On December 15th, Iman will launch her very first accessories line, The Global Chic Collection, on HSN and!! And here's the hook...the profoundly exotic jewelry and handbags are all inspired by rare pieces she's collected over the years from traveling all over the world. It's almost as if Iman's a Global Style Ambassador, taking it upon herself to comb the planet for pitch-perfect pieces to spice up our wardrobe (how thoughtful!). I got a sneak peek and couldn't believe that the stunningly exotic, eclectic collection was so damn AFFORDABLE! I could gush for days, but I'm sure you'd rather hear more about The Global Chic Collection from Iman, herself. Here, a Q&A with the irrepressible style maven.

TIA: What's the inspiration for your line? Talk it up, girl!

IMAN: Fashion is more global than ever, with Oscar de la Renta showing African prints and Balenciaga sending Middle-Eastern scarves down the runway. The Global Chic collection is inspired by my travels all over the globe--from the bold colors of Africa, India and Bali to the chic streets of New York, Paris, London and Milan. It's also inspired by the vintage jewelry that my husband has given me over the years! Fakes have never been more fabulous.

TIA: What's your personal philosophy on, more or less?

IMAN: I'd say "more," but tread lightly. Highlight your ears, wrists or neck, but don't pile it all on at the same time. For example, if you wear an oversized necklace, go minimal everywhere else. I have a weakness for bold, strong cuffs... and I have them in The Global Chic Collection both in gold and amber (Gold Cuffs, left, and Amber Bangle Duo, $49.95 each). I'd wear several cuffs or bangles and mix them up, as nothing's more beautiful than gold and amber together, especially on our skin tone.

TIA: What's the hottest accessory to wear this season?

IMAN: Vintage-inspired bags and jewelry. Unique is in! Remember the vintage Fred Leighton ring that David got me for our fifteenth anniversary (I NODDED ENTHUSIASTICALLY. THIS RING IS EPIC)? Well, a replica made it into the collection. Now, everyone can get the fabulousness without the Bowie budget (The Anniversary Ring, $59.95, left)!

And of course, let's not forget the bags. We have totes, envelope clutches and vintage-inspired evening bags--but my signature handbag is the Global Chic City Tote ($129.95, left), an oversized luxury satchel with to-die-for gold hardware. It comes in five python shades, as well as black patent favorite! The perfect mix of function and style, it'll take you from the office, to a PTA meeting, and then to a chic dinner.

TIA: What's the biggest mistake we make with accessories?

IMAN: Either we pile it on, or we skip them altogether. You're never fully dressed without an accessory! They're the stars of your wardrobe.

TIA: What accessories should you splurge on, vs. ones you can get for cheap?

IMAN: Splurge on shoes! Don't buy extravagant furs when you can get faux fur on the cheap. My Vintage Parisian Faux Mink Stole ($79.95) is so glam for the holidays! One side is this really luxurious faux mink, and the reverse is a lush jacquard woven print with detachable tassels.

TIA: If you were running out of the house and only had time to grab one accessory, what would it be?

IMAN: My Knock Out Ring ($49.95, left)! It's bold and big, and not just for'll dress up jeans and a white tank top, too.

***Check out Iman's HSN debut beginning December 15th at 8PM and December 16th at 9AM and 6PM!! Happy shopping, girls!***

Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Christkwanzukkah, Pretty Girls!!

Hi Ladies,
Welcome to my third annual SYB Holiday Gift Guide! I can't believe we're here again, so soon! I feel like I've aged twelve years since December '06. So much has happened to me in the past year (Joanne, the new cellulite under my butt, IT CHICKS, the dawning realization that I no longer find ANTM entertaining, Joanne's demise...). But I'm thrilled to find myself older and wiser, just in time to celebrate what I'm sure will be the best holiday of our lives...if only because I've come up with such a yummy Gift Guide. Enjoy, SYB Babes, and spend wildly!


GIFT: Soap & Paper Factory Scented Drawer Paper ($30 for 6 sheets)
WHY: Sachets are so over! Inspired by vintage wallpaper designs, these stunning scented drawer liners are a perfect gift for your hardworking, selfless, loving mommy. They're unexpected, both frivolous and functional, and she NEVER would've bought herself (practically the definition of a great gift, no?). The liners come in rosewood and fig scents.

GIFT: Banana Republic Candle in Night Cap ($24)
WHY: Blended with tobacco flower, rolled cigar paper and patchouli, this wildly butch, earthy fragrance is sure to make his latest crush weak in the knees with unadulterated lust. And your gay BF will LOVE you for it.

GIFT: MAC Limited Edition Heirloom Face Brush Set ($48)
WHY: Why? Oh honey, you MUST gift this makeup-mad girl with a set of the most high-end, professional makeup brushes in the land. The best part, though, is that the four brushes come in a super-cute, antique-looking clutch bag woven with cream/gold metallic thread. Just the thing for New Year's Eve partying!

GIFT: Bath & Body Works "Sweetest Softest Lambie on Earth" ($19)
WHY: Sooo cuuute! You really can't tell in the picture, but this oversized, crazy-soft, ultra-plush lamb is the cuddliest stuffed animal in el mundo. It's like your own personal cloud. Plus, it's very faintly scented with soothing lavender, which is great for calming down hyper toddlers at bedtime.

GIFT: Too Faced Lights, Camera, Glamour! Collection ($40)
WHY: Because I have never, in my almost ten years in beauty, seen a compact containing a mini-Hollywood makeup mirror THAT ACTUALLY LIGHTS UP! So dazzling. Plus, this makeup arsenal contains three levels of Too Faced's bestselling eye, lip, cheek, face, and brow shades.

GIFT: Lacoste Pour Homme ($47)
WHY: There are fragrances that are more butch or more intense, but for my money, Lacoste is the sexiest. It's a light, citrus musk that'll make your man smell like him, but better. A sure thing, believe me.

GIFT: Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Ring ($30)
WHY: You can't afford to buy her a Marc Jacobs bag, so why not gift her with the alternative, a darling, limited edition MJ ring containing solid perfume? First of all, Daisy is the prettiest floral scent out there. And secondly, there's nothing hotter than flipping open your supercute ring and applying perfume in the middle of third period.

GIFT: Kiehl's Cranberry Duo Gift Box ($35, comes with Body Lotion & Shower Gel)
WHY: Kiehl's is always a classy way to go, and their special edition Cranberry scent is sweet, luscious, and suitably festive. Basically, it's a smart gift for the person who signs your paychecks.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Rona for President

Hi pumpkins,
Okay, so I told you about our whirlwind jaunt thru L.A. last Thursday, right? What I didn't tell you was that I also randomly happened upon my platonic soul mate, a deeply fabulous woman I've admired FOREVER, but never had the chance to meet. Her name is Rona Gaye Stevenson, and she owns Coquette, a vintage boutique brimming over with vintage dresses, accessories, jewelry and eclectic home finds from the 20s to the 80's.

Basically, every time you see celebs stalk the red carpet in some dazzling vintage confection, you can be sure Coquette hooked her up (we're talking J. Lo, Charlize, Rosario, Dita Von Teese, Kanye, Rachel Zoe's girlies and Mary Kate, left). The second I stepped foot in her showroom, it's like my whole life made sense. Girls, it was fashion HEAVEN. Just the most glittering assortment of perfectly edited old-school glamour. It was like Mahogany exploded all over the room. We sat there for hours, flipping through her vintage Vogues, gushing about 70's YSL and squealing over Catherine Deneuve's recent visit to Coquette (can you imagine?). I wish you all could've met Rona, because she's really such an inspiration. She's a dazzling brown girl, just like us, who took her fashion obsession and knack for finding beautiful things and flipped it into a career. Not bad, right?

Being me, I was also knocked about by her pink lipgloss. It was just the barest hint of baby-pink shimmer, but oh, it made SUCH an impact. The magic pink was Chanel Glossimer in Magnifique ($25). Don't be turned off by the paleness, it's really quite sheer. If you're on a budget, try Revlon SuperLustrous LipGloss in Pink Afterglow ($5.57), it's virtually the same sweet shade. Anyway...moral of today's story? Rona for president!!


PS...I couldn't resist. The only thing Kim Kardashian's rocking in her Playboy spread? A stunning, chunky, navel-grazing necklace from Coquette. I'd upload the shot, but I don't want to offend any delicate sensibilities. Also, the sight of Kim's totally bald vagina is somewhat unsettling.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

LA Story

Hey ladies,
By the end of this post, if you can say that you had a more surreal whirlwind of a Thursday than I, I'll send you some eyeshadow or something. Girls! Last Wednesday night, Victoria's Secret treated a bunch of bemused editors and bloggers (including my sis, Miss Lauren of Stereohyped) to an in-flight pajama party on a Virgin America flight from NYC to LA! Yes, you heard right, this was an IN-FLIGHT pajama-jammy-jam...hosted by none other than VS Angels Selita Ebanks and Miranda Kerr (she of the dimples and alleged hotmance w/Orlando Bloom). Sure, we looked crazy to the passengers who weren't hip to the party, but let me tell you--experiencing a six-hour flight in satin pajamas and fluffy slippers was oh-so-relaxing. So much so, that I almost missed the raucus Victoria's Secret fashion show that took place in the aisles, somewhere over Cleveland. It was SO much fun. And FYI, the Virgin America plane was so futuristic and fab, it was like flying on the inside of an Ipod (ie, crazy touchscreens where you can order movies, music and food, or IM the hot guy in seat 7D). Oh, and we got complimentary pj's in the goodie bags...I got the super-cozy VS Flannel Pajama in Red Hearts ($29.50), which I wore last night. Sunshine was delighted by the cheeky craziness of the print, mumbling something about it turning the bed into party-time. Ahem.

But back to the VS trip. Once we got to LA, VS treated us to a night at the insanely trendy Roosevelt Hotel. Looovely. And while most of the press flew back to NYC on Thursday morning, me and Lauren were like, HELLO? We're in LA! So we stayed the day and flew back Thursday nite. Since Lauren had never been there, we decided to really go hard, packing as much LA yumminess into one day as was humanly possible. We hamburger-and-fried at In & Out Burger, sipped lattes at Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf, tore up Robertson Blvd. (Kitson! Yay!), swooned through the Hollywood History Museum and, shortly before passing out completely on the red eye, we had dinner at Il Sole (Rose McGowan/Robert Rodriguez sighting!). By the end of the day, we were so exhausted and delirious that, in the cab to LAX, Lauren and I actually tried to harmonize the "messin' with that indo wee-eeed" line in Luniz classic one hit wonder, "I Got Five On It."

The funny thing is, there's even more to my LA story. I'll save it for Wednesday though. Stay tuned, pumpkins...