Monday, April 24, 2006

Huge, fancy intern opportunity!!!

To all my aspiring beauty publicists,
Guess what?! My good friend and fellow "brown girl in beauty," Tiffani Carter, is an account director at one of the biggest beauty public relations firms in New York City--Tractenberg & Co (they represent all sorts of fabulous beauty brands, like Stila, Bath & Body Works, Mizani, and a SLEW of others). And she's looking for an intern to start ASAP! Here's Tiffani's job description:

"It's a fun and savvy beauty PR position working on my team to help in all aspects of beauty PR -- event planning, gift bag sourcing, research, and more. Job pays in credits only, not cash. Part-time and full-time available. Please send your information to the address below."

Tiffani D. Carter
Account Director
Tractenberg & Co.
116 East 16th Street
New York, NY 10003
212.929.7979 x2241
347.742.9875 cell

Good luck, my pretties!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Feliz Anniversary!!

Hola sexy mamas,
Yay! I'd love you to join me in a huge round of applause for ourselves...because yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of SHAKE YOUR BEAUTY!! CAN YOU BELEIVE IT? Oh, and its been a glitteringly glam, fiercely fabulous year, hasn't it? And I owe it all to you, my ever-faithful squad of gorgeous product hoes!!! Honestly, its been so much fun watching my humble little blog grow and grow, slowly but surely creating a bonafide community of smart, sassy, like-minded chicas. You are all sooo inspiring to me, you have no idea. Thank you from the bottom of mi corazon for sticking with me...and here's to another yummy year!!

Now, the good stuff. In honor of my anniversary (actually, it's "our" anniversary, wouldn't you say?), I'm dedicated this post to YOU. I'm finally getting around to addressing your most pressing beauty questions. Hope you're tickled by the answers--and keep the questions coming, girls! If I don't answer you right away, I swear I'll get to you before I croak. At which time, I'd like to be buried in my new Tracey Reese shirt-dress (oh, its so good). Oh, by the way. Girls, I have a question for you guys!! Due to the rampaging stress caused by book deadlines, my new Cosmo Radio gig, and the sad realization that I have visible new-growth in my Olay commercial (why oh why didn't I get a touch-up before I shot the damn thing??!)--I've been eating quite a bit. I've gained TEN POUNDS in the last three months. The first person to give me a way to drop the pounds without breaking a sweat gets a limited edition "Billie" lipgloss--my friends at Three Custom Cosmetics whipped them up in honor, you guessed it, Miss Billie Burke of THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA!

Okay, folks, let's do some beauty-shaking in the name of love!!

your tia

Dear Schanina,
This isn't really a question, but...thank you for bringing up the fabulous website, WORLDBRIDEMAGAZINE.COM!! Its a fabulous resource for engaged girls, or for those of you harboring a major bridal fetish. This gorgeous online mag was created to serve brides of all colors, ethnicities, religions, and races...and its positively gorgeous. Good work, Schanina!

Dear Tiffany,
Looking for a flat iron that won't cost a month's rent? Oh sweetie, did I find one for you!! It's all about CONAIR INSTANT HEAT ULTRA-HOT CERAMIC STRAIGHTENER ($24.99), a very kick ass flatiron that gets salon-hot, but comes with heat settings for every hair type (fine, curly, coarse, etc.) to prevent heat-damage. Also, it has a boar bristle attachment (great for adding a final polish) and a detachable comb if you want to get really close to the root. I've had an affair with this baby for years.

Dear Anonymous Ashiness,
You're not alone--I get emails about dry, parched hands at least twice a week. Here's the can go for those greasy, heavy-duty grandma creams and leave residue on every doorknob you touch, or you can go the glam route and choose the uber-moisturizing-but-not-slippery-gross hand lotion used by manicurists backstage at all the fashion shows!
RESCUE BEAUTY LOUNGE HAND CREAM IN CITRUS VERT ($20), was created by Ji Baek, the it-girl owner of Downtown Manhattan's spa-to-the-stars, Rescue Nail Spa. I don't know what's better, the insanely heavenly citrus-green scent, or the way it keeps your hands un-ashy ALL DAY LONG.

Dear Toni,
My friends are CONSTANTLY asking me if a tinted moisturizer for brown girls exists! Well, it does. For those of you who aren't familiar with tinted moisturizers, its a super-light moisturizer that gives a dewy, radiant hint-of-a-tint. It's a perfect go-to if foundation is too heavy for you, but you still want a "finished" look. Not only has LAURA MERCIER TINTED MOISTURIZER IN WALNUT ($40) won awards for "best tinted moisturizer" from both In Style and Allure, its one of the only ones existing for ladies of color. And the best part? Its sheer enough to work on the fairest cafe au lait to the deepest mahogany skin tones--just so you get the picture, both Rosario Dawson and Nia Long are OBSESSED with it.

Dear Annie,
Why yes, I do know a trick for getting rid of bikini-line ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Anyone who's as obsessed with down-there maintenance as me (what, we're all ladies, right? Oh yeah--Todd, log off immediately!) will know that bumps are a nasty side effect of bikini waxing and shaving. So, do like all the in-the-know salon professionals do, and invest in a bottle of TEND SKIN ($20)! This miracle lotion-gel somehow dislodges ingrown hairs and sooths bump like magic!! Every night between waxings or shavings, douse a cotton ball and apply it to the area. You won't believe the results (by the way, its also great for your man, if he has beard bumps). At some point in my beauty career the whole thing was explained to me--something about aspirin, which is an anti-inflammatory, being the main ingredient--but I don't really remember the exact breakdown. When something works this good, I don't ask questions.

Dear Tisha,
Bless your heart! Lovely Tisha was flipping through Iman's makeup book, THE BEAUTY OF COLOR (which I, ahem, co-wrote), and was enthralled with Naomi Campbell and Padma Lakshmi's looks--but felt that, with her blue eyes, blondish hair and fair skin, she was too pale to pull them off. Well, sweetie, you probably shouldn't go for their makeup looks, but I can prescribe one from the book that'll look smashing on you...and all light-skinded ladies! Turn to page 116 and check out Vanessa Williams' makeover. She's working that shimmery, radiant, etheral fairy princess moment that's so in for spring--and with her blue eyes, blond hair and fair skin she's your doppleganger! Here's what you need to make it happen:

1.) NARS CREAM SHADOW IN EL DORADO ($20): With your index finger, swipe this golden-peachy shade onto lids for the most luminous, dewy sheen, ever. So flattering on, literally, everyone.

2.) IMAN LUXURY BLUSHING POWDER IN SUNLIT COPPER ($9.99): A blush that provides a sun-kissed warmth to your skin is so stunning on fair skin. This sheer wash of caramel-y copper will instantly makes you look like you've just returned from Ibiza.

3.) YVES SAINT LAURENT TOUCHE BRILLIANCE SPARKLING TOUCH FOR LIPS IN GOLD SHIMMER #2, OR STARRY HAVANA #10 ($27.50): Can you hear me squealing through the internet? I love YSL's new see-through, shimmery hint-of-a-tint gloss with such undying passion, that I bought three of each--one to put in each of my favorite purses. Yeah, its like that. Whether you go for Gold Shimmer (a fabulous gold-toned shine) or Starry Havana (a twinkly, sheer red-bronze hue) these glosses instantly sexify your look. Everyone will ask you what you're wearing, too, which is always nice. Oh, and the scent is TO-DIE...somehow, the gloss smells mysteriously like a yummy smoothie.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The genius factor

"1. I will treat you in a way identical to, or worse than, the way you treat me.
2. I am the best person to discuss me with.
3. If you need anything other than emergency items, please do not ask me.
4. Stay out of my personal business unless I invite you in."
--Furonda, on her "tips for successful interaction." Okay, now I kind of worship her.

Hola mis amigas lindas,
Hiii! Okay, so I'm back from yet another fabulous trek to my hometown, DC, for yet another fabulous Howard University panel. And as always, I was totally impressed and inspired by you sexy/brilliant/dynamic/well-heeled HU hotties (by the way, Miss Queen-To-Be, I peeped the oh-so-flattering T-Weezy shout on your sassy lil' blog...v. cute!). I'd be thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to come back and listen to myself speak, anytime.

So, this week was I thinking about my favorite beauty products. You know, the ones that get me all flushed, and tingly, and breathless. I decided that the one thing my most recent faves have in common is "the genius factor." If you don't know what I mean, I have a story for you about a time when I myself exhibited "the genius factor." It happened on one of the sexiest press trips, ever. For those of you unfamiliar with the extravagant ways of the beauty industry (and shame on you, for you haven't read THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA), a "press trip" happens when a huge cosmetics/haircare company like Chanel, Cover Girl, Pantene or Clairol takes a handful of the top beauty editors to a faraway, exotic locale--all in the name of introducing that season's new product launches. Basically, its a glamorous way to gently convince said editors to write about the products in their magazines. And on these deeply fab free vacations, we stay in the fanciest resorts in the world, eat the finest cuisine, enjoy tons of free products and indulge in the most pampering spa services imaginable. Boo! I miss it. Anyway, mi favorito was when Lancome took us to South Beach a couple years ago--I was the Beauty Director at Teen People, then. We stayed at The Raleigh (yum), a celeb-studded boutique hotel, and on the last night, we were treated to an uber-fancy dinner/cocktail party at....THE VERSACE MANSION! How do I describe the Versace Mansion? The entire thing was an ode to so-tacky-its-fabulous, Meditteranean-style excess. I'm talking posh, plush bedrooms dripping in velvet and gilded chandeliers; hand-painted ceilings featuring winged cherubs with tiny, bouncing penises; and everywhere you looked...color, color, color. The mansion is built around an outdoor palazzo, which is where we had dinner (overlooking a ridiculously extravagant infinity pool with the Versace medallion emblazoned at the bottom...AMAAAZING).

In short, it was a major, major night. And I'd packed this super-sweet, powder-pink slipdress I'd gotten from my favorite vintage store in New York City, Edith & Daha. Running late (duh), I turned the iron on high and slammed the thing down on my delicate, age-old gown and poof! The damn thing went up in smoke. You can image my devastation. So, with no time to waste, I ransacked my suitcase for something else remotely suitable to wear and came across a golden-tangerine, multi-tiered peasant skirt with a stretchy waist (this was back when the idea of a peasant skirt was sort of novel). Thinking on my toes, I hiked the skirt up to my armpits, adjusted the stretchy part over my nonexistant boobs and rocked it as a flowy minidress...with huge gold hoops, it was very Sienna Miller. What's the moral of this long-winded tale, you ask? I tapped into my very own "genius factor" to turn a deceptively mundane piece into a thing of beauty! And that's what these products do, too. They each work their brand of genius to the FULLEST by taking a seemingly whatever concept and turning it on its head. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

love you so much i can't bear it,
miss tia

[ guys are aware of my Prince obsession, yes? Well, I just had to share this oh-so-Princely song I recently rediscovered. You guys must download Sheila E's "Koo Koo" immediately...remember this song? This delightfully obscure 1987 tune is very Sign of the Times-era funky, and better than most of the ish on the radio today.]


1.) KIMORA LEE SIMMONS MINI-LICKABLE LIP KIT ($32.50): I admit, when Miss Thang debuted her makeup collection this month, I so wanted to scof (is that how you spell it?). But this do-it-yourself lip gloss kit is no laughing matter. Okay how brilliant is comes with a double-sided applicator and six delectable gloss shades you can snap onto either end, creating your own portable lip gloss wand. So smart, Kimora (I'm not mad at you for creating your own mini-empire during your brief marriage, because I KNOW that prenup is kicking your ass right now).

2.) GARNIER FRUCTIS LONG & STRONG ANTI-SPLIT ENDS LEAVE IN TREATMENT ($5.99): Whether your hair's long or short, I know for a fact you have split ends. Black hair is naturally brittle, but with the added stress from relaxers and heat tools and the wear-and-tear of a long, dry winter--our ends can turn into a frayed, split nightmare. Nothing short of a trim can cure split ends, but this seriously rich leave-in conditioner smooths down jagged edges so brilliantly that even your hairdresser will be fooled.

3.) JEN LEW DESIGNS CANDLE MATCHBOX SET ($35): I have a total candle fetish, but can NEVER find a match. Crisis averted! These citrus, sandalwood, and vanilla-scented candles are wrapped in the most darling patterned paper...and each comes with its own handmade matchbook in the very same print (and on top of that, it's adorned with a single Swarovski crystal)! Its just the most clever, gorgeous idea. My favorite is Ruby Kashmir...very turquoise-drop-earrings-with-an-embroidered-tunic-minidress.

4.) PERLIER BLACK RICE EXTREME AGE-DEFYING LINE REDUCING MOISTURE EYE CREAM ($24.50): So, my dear friend Joseph had been going on and on about this eye cream for the longest, so I finally buckled and tried it. Ladies! You know how after about 1pm your concealer starts settling into the fine lines and creases under your eyes (or maybe its just me because I'm thirty effin' years old)? If you dab this wonder-cream along the area before applying concealer, I promise you that after about a week, the crease-thing won't happen. It's like a Christmas miracle, but in April.

5.) SEPHORA NAIL WHITENING PENCIL ($3.50): I don't have time to get weekly manicures, but I'm a maniac when it comes to clean, pretty, fresh-looking nails. What to do? Lucky for me, Sephora invented this ingenious nail whitening pencil. Simply lick the tip, run the pencil along the underside of your nail, and voila--you get the illusion of a french manicure, without the fuss. Wait, there's more: The slanted, pointy cap doubles as a cuticle pusher! Quite possibly the best nail invention of the millenium.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Howard Part Dieux

Hey Precious,
I'm totally back at Howard this weekend! If you live in the Washington DC errea ('cause that's how they say it down there) and are interested in a magazine career--I'll be speaking on yet another Howard University panel this Friday, April 7th! The Howard University Association of Black Journalists’ Young Journalists are having a fabulous media seminar this weekend, and my panel is called "Everybody Who’s Anybody Has a Book: Journalists Turned Authors" (2:45-4:00 at the Armour J. Blackburn Center on campus). I'm living for that title. Sharing the stage with me are: Scott Poulson-Bryant, founding editor of Vibe, senior editor of America and author of Hung; and Ayana Byrd, Deputy Editor of VibeVixen and co-author of Naked. Fun, yes? If you're really down, you've gotta check out this fine schedule:

Panel 1: Your Dream Internship: How to Get It and How to Make It Work (9:00am-10: 30am)
1. Mary Major, host, Quiet on the Set
2. Julee Anastasia Wilson, Editorial Assistant, Real Simple
3. Keyonna Summers, Metro Desk Reporter, The Washington Times
4. Amanda Nembhard, Howard University ’07 (MODERATOR)

Panel 2: What It’s Really Like: Journalists of Color in Mainstream Media (10:45am-12: 15pm)
1. Lee Ivory, Executive Editor, USA TODAY Sports Weekly
2. Brian Stockton, Reporter, Reuters America
3. Nikole Killian, Community Reporter, ABC 7-Washington
4. Portia Robertson, Senior Producer, Washington Bureau, ABC
5. Whitney Elaine Teal, Howard University ’07 (MODERATOR)

Lunch will be served from 12:15pm-1: 15pm

Panel 3: The Future of Media: Online Journalism (1:00pm-2: 30pm)
1. Jared Degnan, host of podcast, 20something Marketing
2. Clover Hope, Associate Editor,
3. Craig Creekmur, Founder,
4. John Kennedy,, Howard University ’07 (MODERATOR)

Panel 4: Everybody Who’s Anybody Has A Book: Journalists turned Authors (2:45pm-4:00pm)
1. Tia Williams, author of The Accidental Diva, former beauty director, TeenPeople
2. Ayana Byrd, co-author of Naked, deputy editor, VibeVixen (INVITED)
3. Scott Poulson-Bryant, author of Hung, editor, America
4. Michael Arceneaux, Howard University ’06, President, HUABJ (MODERATOR)

Hopefully I'll see some of you ladies there. If not, have a lovely rest of the week and keep shaking your beauty, Beauty!
miss tia