Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Everything!

Hiiyeee! Okay, so, being only one month old, Carolina is clearly unable to express herself with words, but I feel very strongly that her HEART told me it was time to holler at my SYB Babes. The fact is, I miss you ("Ooooh/I'm missin' you/Tell me why the road tur-urned"). I don't think I can hold out until March. Especially since I have so many beauty discoveries to share with you! I mean, there are zillions of thrilling beauty wares for babies and mommies that should be marketed towards grown, childless women! Honesty, I'd be thumbing my nose at my calling were I not to share my finds. So, I'll be back with a couple of posts a week at the dawn of the New Year. I just hope you'll understand if I don't post as regularly as I once a glamour girl in training, Incredible Carolina demands a certain amount of doting attention.

Isn't she a DOLL? I don't think my heart can take all this love. Is it possible to smother a child with kisses?

Ladies, I hope you have the best holiday season ever...economy be damned, okay? It's about family and food and and crimson lipstick and giggling at your sketchy great-uncle's off-color jokes. Times are tough, but everyone has something to be thankful for. And I count you ladies as just one of my many blessings!

Happy Holidays,
Tia, Sunshine, and Carolina May