Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lash love, courtesy of Phil Spector

Hey girls,
Ugh, mama has the flu. I suffered a very feverish, very sweaty should see my hair. I fully look like Phil Spector right now. And, dammit, I missed Amy Barnett's (my former Teen People boss and total girl-hero) book party last night! So disappointing, as I heard it was star-studded, positively epic affair. More importantly, her new book GET YOURS: THE GIRLFRIEND'S GUIDE TO HAVING EVERYTHING YOU EVER DREAMED OF AND MORE ($15.61) is totally fabulous, inspirational, and chock full of ecstatically empowering advice. Most definitely a must-read for all of us! Um, I am confused, though, as to why Amazon thinks it's appropriate to offer Karrine Steffans trashy tell-all in conjuction with Amy's very classy, very smaht book. Would they recommend Paris Hilton's idiotic memoir to fans of Allure ed-in-chief Linda Wells' classic beauty book? Come on, Amazon, you're better than that. Moving on, though, before my books are quickly erased from their website....

Guess what? Today I'm bringing you the second stellar product in my Fall Fashion Roundup. Tell your friends. This humble little gizmo will change your life forever.

PS...Amber's the winner of September's Stila Product of the Month trivia question! She was the first to get the question IT CHICKS, the lower/middle school that Tangie, Skye and CJ attended was Carrington Arms Prep. Amber, you rock. Make sure you email me your address so you can claim your scintillating prize, pumpkin (!!

MASCARA: Prescriptives Here to Stay 24-Hour Longwear Mascara ($19.50)
Finally! Finally! Total breakthrough, girls. Prescriptives has just developed this positively amazing mascara that literally and definitely stays on ALL DAY LONG. And beyond, really. No more crazy flaking and smudging by 3pm. No more reapplication at the end of the workday, before you go out. Basically, this is the mascara equivalent of a longwearing lipstain. You swipe it on in the morning, and don't have to worry about it until you take it off. And unlike most waterproof mascaras--which many prone-to-smudging women wear--this formula doesn't skimp on the lengthening, curling and volumizing ingredients. My lashes have NEVER looked this full and shiny! I'm wearing it right now, as I melt to death from a high-grade fever on my couch. If that's not lash-love, I don't know what is.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good morning, lambs

Hey girls,
Okay, so today officially kicks off the annual SYB Fall Roundup! Excited? My oh my, I can almost FEEL you breaking out in a celebratory wop in your office. Anyway, over the next week and a half, each post will be devoted to a must-have fall product, a tiny little piece of beauty brilliance that you absolutely won't be able to live without over the next four months. But before we get into the first one, I wanted to let you know that the "Stila Product of the Month" contest is back in full effect! For SYB Embryos, here's how it works. I give you a trivia question from one of my books (it used to be THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA, now it's IT CHICKS, clearly), and the first girl--no sisters, cousins, BFFs, or hetero males (sorry Tim)--to answer correctly wins the Stila Product of the Month. To check out this superstar product, scroll down on the right! Okay, so here's September's trivia question, courtesty of IT CHICKS:

"What was the name of the lower/middle school that Tangie, Skye and CJ attended?"

Good luck, pumpkins! And now, time to hustle in the hotness, kick the cuteness, bring the beauty...

FRAGRANCE: L L.A.M.B. Fragrance by Gwen Stefani ($55)
I HATE celebrity scents. Hate them, hate them. I believe they're cheesy and inappropriate (well, except for SJP's Lovely, as you well know). And you may also be familiar with my general feelings about Gwen...if not, check my Harajuku, Schmarajuku post from '05. But I was bored one day on the subway, and I came across the L.A.M.B. fragrance strip while leafing thru Vogue. I'd skipped perfume that morning, and figured, why the hell not? Honey, I rubbed my wrist across that strip, sniffed my skin, and almost fainted dead a good way. L L.A.M.B. is gorrrrgeous. Blended with yummy citrus notes, spicy mcspicersons, and give-it-to-me musks, it's really the sexiest fragrance I've experienced in seasons. And here's the fabulous thing...two hours later, it smells even hotter, but not in an overpowering way. My favorite part of my subway scent sesssion, though, was the middle-aged Rasta watching me rub on the perfume strip. He grinned, nodded and said, "Verry nice." Very nice, indeed.

PS...I miss you too, Areina. Somebody hook me up with a book signing in RI!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dominican Hair Preservation

Hi girls,
How are you ladies? A couple of you have inquired about my annual fall product roundup, and I just wanted to let you know it's totally coming! I'm just waiting on a few more products from hot-stuff companies to come in before I officially bring you the best of the best. Only the most informed sweeping generalizations for my girls! In the meantime, though, I had a total epiphany on Sunday, courtesty of my alma mater, Lucky magazine (I so wish this was my idea). So, those of you who frequent Dominican salons are well aware of their love of heat...which results in epic blowouts, but also can also, over time, leave your hair a ravaged mess of split ends. Well, in Lucky's "Hair Diaries" section, a deeply mediagenic TV medical correspondent, Holly Phillips, MD, revealed her secret for Dominican hair preservation. Before going to the salon, she shampoos and conditions her hair--and doesn't wash out the conditioner. Instead, she puts on a shower cap, layers on a scarf over that, and heads to the salon. In the half hour or so it takes to get there, she's treated her hair to a luxurious deep conditioning treatment, which works wonders to protect her delicate 'do from blowout hell (and she only has to pay for a roller set and blowout...loving that). Oh, I thought this idea was GENIUS. So, on Sunday I decided to try it out for myself. But I put a little "twist de Tia" on the whole mission. Instead of using a deep conditioner, I slapped in one of the new, supposedly excellent pre-shampoo treatments. I've been so curious about this stuff, since they're hair-softening properties are sort of the talk of the industry. On dry, unwashed hair, I massaged in a quarter-sized amount of Philosophy Shear Splendor "Marinating" Oil for Chemically Treated, Chronically Dry Hair ($20). After I coated my hair with the stuff, I slicked it into a low bun and hit the road (I can't quite get behind jumping on the subway with a be-scarfed shower cap. Sorry). Anyway, after my precious Adelina shampooed and conditioned my hair, she was RAVING about how shockingly soft it was. Now, my hair is many things, but "soft" is definitely NOT one of her awe was a total revelation! Long story short, after the blowout, my hair was glossier and silkier than ever. Seriously, I've never seen it so LUXURIOUS! You must, must try it. Even if you don't go to salons every week, Philosophy's pre-shampoo treatment is absolutely necessary for hair that's regularly beat down by relaxers, haircolor, and heat tools. Let me know what you think!
Yours in Shiny Hair,

PS..In case you didn't know, more than 1 million people are wearing black today as a sort of collective stand against the Jena 6 hideousness. I know this is a lighthearted beauty blog, but this situation is too gross to ignore. So rock your chicest black outfit, and remember that, no matter whether you're black, white, Asian, Latina, or whatever, this injustice truly effects us all.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Simply the Best, Part Tres

Hey girls,
I'm STILL on a high from Friday afternoon, where I spent possibly the most dazzling three hours of Fashion Week. At least to moi. The thrillingly top-secret forum,"The Lack of Black Images in Fashion Today," was hosted by the legendary model/agent/fashion show producer, Bethann Hardison (okay fine, she's Dwayne Wayne's mom, too, but that's hardly her claim to fame). And basically, the tiny room was filled with the 75 or so most influential, legendary, scintillatingly IMPORTANT black people in fashion, including Vogue's Andre Leon Talley, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Wall Street Journal's Terri Agins, Washington Post's Robin Ghivan, Essence's Michaela Angela Davis, Ebay's Constance White (formerly of Elle, New York Times, and WWD), former model and author Barbara Summers, Liyah Kibede, designer Tracy Reese, and a slew of high-ranking model agents, photographers, and stylists. Girls, I was surrounded by my lifelong heroes. Swoon! And honestly, the meeting couldn't have been more timely. Sadly, we're coming off of a Fashion Week that was probably the most white-washed in history. I'm talking, entire shows--days, even--where a black model was nowhere to be found (save for Chanel Iman and Liyah). It was fascinating listening to the Black Fashion Mafia swap stories about how celebrated the black model used to be. How, back in the 70s, YSL used to have entire shows dedicated to black models, only (go 'head, Yves). Iman talked about a gushing New York Times article that crowned her and her peers "The Black Stallions." What happened? I have no idea. And Le Luminaries didn't come up with a solution, but at least folks are talking about it. And you can be in on it, least, those of you who live in NYC. Apparently, the conversation is going to be continued in October, when Ms. Hardison will host an open-to-the-public forum. When I have more info, you'll be the first to know!

And now, I bring you the final installation of my Spring '08 Fashion Week Superlatives. Enjoy, pretty girls!


THE "YOU'VE GOT NAIL" AWARD FOR MANICURIST'S BEST FRIEND: Creative Nail Design Solar Oil Speed Spray ($18)
I chatted with dozens of manicurists backstage at shows like Chaiken, Max Azria and Carolina Herrera..and the one thing that got them through the week was this luxe, heavenly-scented polish dryer spray. One spritz over just-polished nails not only dries them in seconds, it also leaves nails super shiny and moisturized (it's all about the hydrating blend of almond oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil). The stuff is so moisturizing, the models didn't even need hand cream afterwards...they just massaged the excess spray into their skin, and called it a damn day.

No one knows who these people are, but they showed up at almost every show and most of the afterparties. Dressed exactly alike, no less. And wearing sunglasses during the day. The shameless social-climbing duo was usually seen A.) miraculously appearing next to real celebs like Ivana Trump and Gwen Stefani as photogs snapped their picture, and B.) constantly fiddling out their meticulously picked-out fros. If anyone can identify these hungry hangers-on, please advise.

DRESS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED, IMO: Zac Posen's frilly white shift
I looove this dress! Oh, you should've seen this airy confection of a gown come floating down the runway! Absolutely divine. So divine, in fact, that I've spent the past week searching for a fall/winter version I can conceivably wear. After tons of research, I've come to understand that a white dress is perfectly rockable in fall/winter as long as it's paired with black tights.

Here are two fabulous options: Julie Haus Annette Bow Dress ($528) has a darling drawstring neck and a very forgiving A-line shape.

And I'm wild about the chic little bib front on Banana Republic's Shift Dress ($138).


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Simply the Best, Part Deux

Hey sweethearts,
Okay, so today's installment of my Spring 08 Fashion Week Superlatives is dedicated to this season's smoking-hot model du jour, Lady Miss Chanel Iman (that's her backstage, looking twelve kinds of adorable). If Fashion Week is high school, this 17-year-old, half black/half Korean LA-native definitely wins Best Looking, Most Popular and perhaps even the Early Naomi Campbell Award for Naked Ambition (she recently told Teen Vogue that her goal is to become a household name...gotta love her moxie!). In a wildly inconsistent season, Chanel was the one constant, storming down the runways of every designer worth mentioning. I LOVE her. Fashion writers far and wide have devoted words aplenty to the wonder of her sent-from-the-style-gods name, but her raging success is about so much more than her's about legs, it's about eyes, and most importantly, her unflagging grace. Last fall, at the Cher Michael Klein show in Paris, C.I. suffered a shocking wardrobe malfunction that earned her the nickname Chanipple, but hot stuff winked and shrugged it off. Damn. When I was seventeen, I had chin acne and a soul-crushing habit of tripping while standing still. Anyway, given Miss Chanel superstar status, I thought it was more than appropriate for her to illustrate the following Fashion Week superlatives. Enjoy!


Purple eyeshadow is not my favorite thing. If done wrong, it can make even the cutest girl look like a middle aged Parisian hooker. But the smoky plum shadow at Anna Sui was so chic, it made me rethink the whole situation. Clearly the look is a little much for day, so I came up with a smashing way to intigrate purple into your daily regimen: First, invest in my new favorite product, Stila Convertible Eye Color in Berry ($20), a soft, plummy eyeshadow stick with a built-in smudger. Blend the stick along your upper lashline, creating a thick line. For a sultry, not-trying-too-hard feel, run the smudger over the line, smoking it out a bit. Finally, line the inside of your bottom lid. Finish up with tons of mascara, and you're Sex Walking.

Isn't it just so pretty? Styles come and go with the tides, but bouncy, glossy, tousled-on-purpose curls are ALWAYS good. And so easy, too. Simply run a dime-sized blob of shine serum like Garnier Fructis Weightless Leave-In Anti-Frizz Serum ($5.99) through dry hair, separate out a small section, and wind it around my Dominican salon's favorite curling iron,
Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Spring Curling Iron ($39). Roll the section into a pin curl, then continue the steps all over until your head's covered in pin curls. Let cool for five minutes, then undo the pins and shake out hair with your fingers. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Girls, after a season frought with a zillion shades of baby-pink, the nude lip is officially back! But this time, it's with a twist. Instead looking chalky and washed-out, the "new nude" is a downright radiant! Shot through with a warm golden iridescence, this creamy toffee-hued lip is oh-so-flattering on brown skin. And MAC's Moonbathe Lipglass in Crescent ($14) has this luminous, toasty-gold thing DOWN (it looks dark on the website, but I own it...the shade is a perfect match). I've worn it every day since being turned out at the show. Damn Oscar de la Renta for tearing me away from my Raisin Glaze!

OH, BY THE WAY...: If you're in the New York area this weekend, stop by the Brooklyn Book Festival and watch me blab on a very sexy panel, read from IT CHICKS and sign books! Here's the info:

PLACE: Brooklyn Borough Hall (209 Joralemon Street between Court and Adams Streets)

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall; R to Court Street; A, C, F to Jay Street/Borough Hall

PANEL: 3:00 p.m.  THE GLAM FACTOR at the Independence Community Foundation’s Young Writers Pavilion:
Behind the scenes of fictional glamour.  Three teen writers read from their novels and talk about their stories set in the rich environs of Orange County, CA and Manhattan high society. Featuring Tia Williams (The Accidental Diva), Antonio Pagliarulo (The Celebutants), and Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (Haters).  Moderated by author Daniel Ehrenhaft.

Directly afterwards, I'll be signing books! See you there....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Simply the Best, Part 1

Hey ladies,
So, now that the madness of New York Fashion Week is drawing to a close, it's time for my usual beauty wrap-up! But this season, I decided to shake things up a bit. No more boring, straightforward recaps. Instead, over the next three posts, I'm offering yearbook-style superlatives! Really, it seems only natural. The collections are always VERY high school (Who's sitting in the front row? Who made out with Cisco "SaggySacks" Adler at the afterparty? Why is Andre Leon Talley dressed as a conquistador?). After sifting through my notes from the past week and a half, I've managed to come up with some definite gems. So here, enjoy the first installment of my Spring '08 Fashion Week Superlatives!


BEST BACKSTAGE SECRET WEAPON: MAC Blot Powder ($20)! Backstage at Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller, Temperly and Badgley Mischka, this colorless mattifying powder was in more demand than model-of-the-moment Lily Donaldson. It's easy to see why. This powder instantly de-greases oily T-zones, chins and noses the second you dab it on--and it doesn't leave behind an ashy residue. So smart!

MOST MISMATCHED COUPLE NEXT TO RACHEL ROY AND DAME DASH: Selita Ebanks and Nick Cannon at Baby Phat. The lovebirds were sitting in the front row, directly in front of me, and I couldn't stop staring. Whyyy? She was twelve kinds of elegant in her Alaia-esque tube dress, and there was Nick, corny as all get-out, wearing a ridiculous hoodie and a Big Daddy Kane dooky-chain. I will never understand his appeal, I'm sorry. Oh, but Selita! I was so moved by her va-va-voom, I did something I NEVER do. I threw 'bows at the paparazzi clustered around them (delicately, though, always delicately), I planted myself in the chair next to Selita and asked her for a quick SYB interview. She was so darling! I asked her about her trademark glossier-than-glossy hair, and here's what she had to say: "The one thing I can't stand about this humidity is what it does to my hair. Look at how frizzy it is!" NOTE--IT TOTALLY WASN'T. IN FACT, JOANNE THOUGHT SHE WAS MAKING A SUBTLE DIG AT HER. "My favorite thing to use is Victoria Secret Smoothing Shine Hair Serum ($12.50). It's great for smoothing my hair and it smells sooo delicious. I wish I'd brought it with me!"

OUTSTANDING GOODIE BAG GOODIE: Mally Beauty Get Cheeky Dewy Blush in Ipanema ($25) at Tracy Reese!! Superstar makeup artist Mally Roncal painted the faces backstage at Tracy's show..but even more importantly, she donated her bestselling blush to the goodie bags. Packaged in a cutie-pie pink pouch, this shimmery bronze cream highlighter looks positively LUMINOUS blended along the top of cheekbones (over your blush). It gives a toasty, beachy sheen—and just in time, since your tan is due to start fading in approximately two weeks.



Hey sweeties,
I thought my publicity-minded SYB Babes might be interested in this delicious opportunity. My wildly brilliant friend, Mashariki Williamson (there she is, bringing the cute) happens to own her very own New York City publicity/event planning firm, March Forth! Media & Events...and it just so happens that she's looking to hire a freelance Public Relations AE! Here are the deets:

"I’m currently looking to hire a freelance Public Relations AE to facilities media initiatives for a smaller yet established New Media/Advertising Agency. The project will last at least 6months and the account executive must be available to work from my Nolita office 2 days a week. Job requirements are as follows:

3-4 years industry experience, preferably with Tech Pr, advertising , B2B or Consumer based products
Extremely creative, out-of-the-box methodology to garnering media visibility
Extensive client services experience and skill
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Strong media relations skills
Leadership qualities with a team-oriented approach to PR
GREAT personality

I’m looking to interview and hire someone no later than Sept 19, and I’m accepting resumes via email (no phone calls) to Thanks!"

Good luck, ladies!


Monday, September 10, 2007

The definition of "comeback"

Excuse me for a second while I scream from a Brooklyn mountaintop. BRIIIIIIIIITNEEEEYYYY! WHYY, BABY, WHYYYYYY? Sweet Jesus, you were NOT ready for a comeback. Or maybe she was confused about the definition of "comeback?" One shouldn't attempt to come back from anywhere until the psychotic episodes, toddler-Dorito-feedings, and pesky drug/alcohol addiction are strctly done, done, done. Poor thing never had a chance, really. MTV shot her in the foot with that initial closeup of her willy-nilly weave tracks. Talk about "Toxic."

Here's what I loved, though: Cutie Chris Brizown and his magic feet; annoying-but-backing-up-his-swagger KANYE; Alicia Keys killing George Michael's "Freedom;" and Rhianna and Fall Out Boy's oddly thrilling rendition of "Shutup and Drive." Other than that, I'd rather watch Purple Rain for the zillionth time.

Speaking of music, though, I went to an amazing party on Saturday!!! The sexy "black Kate Moss's" from three of the hottest blogs around—Jen from The B-Life, Claire from The Fashion Bomb, and Lauren from Stereohyped (my favorite, obviously...genetics)— hosted a Fashion Week soiree on the Lower East Side that was so sexy and eventful, I actually witnessed my almost 33-year-old husband crank the Soulja Boy for about twenty minutes straight. But for our purposes, the most exciting thing about the night happened hours before the party even started. Obviously, I did both my sister's makeup (there's Devon/Brownie, Lauren and me up there, feeling very VERY). But since it was Lauren's moment, I slapped in some false lashes...and OMG. First of all, you know how I feel about a little lash, right? No matter how gorgeous or cute-challenged the face, lashes immediately turn you into a crushingly glamorous, man-killing Cleopatra. But I also know that many of you are nervous about A.) looking drag queen-ish, and B.) applying them yourself.

Well, we found a pair of lashes that solve both problems. Sephora Flirt It Lash Duo ($8) comes with two sets of lashes--one full, and one half. I used the half (the ones in the middle of the kit), because it looks waayyy more natural...and really, all you want is a little extra oomph, you know? Here's how it went down:

1.) FIrst, I did all of Lauren's eye makeup, sans mascara.
2.) I dabbed a little invisible eyelash glue (included) on the back of my hand, then dipped in the lash band. Then, I waited 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky.
3.) Lauren closed her eyes, and I carefully pressed the band to the outer corner of her lashes, as CLOSE to the natural lashline as humanly possible.
4.) Once the glue dried, I curled her lashes to marry her real ones to her fake ones, and then applied two coats of blacker-than-black mascara. Voila! Almost-effortless gorgeousness.

Seriously, it was so easy that I made Lauren do her other smashing results. Only the best for the girl who's barely five minute-old site just won a 2007 Black Weblog Award for BEST NEW BLOG!!! Yes, I know I'm obnoxious but I'm a proud big sis (imagine how overbearing I'll be when I finally reproduce). Anyway, the larger point is that the next time you have a fancy night, you must invest in these false lashes. You know I wouldn't steer you wrong. If you look crazy, my beauty advice will be rendered as silly and irrelevant as poor Nicole Scherzinger during her VMA pre-show performance. That girl really needs her kitty-cats behind her, doesn't she?

Off to Nanette Lepore!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Candy girl, you are my wo-o-orld

Hey sweeties,
It's been awhile since I've done an "SYB Share," right? For Shake Your Beauty newbies, a "Share" is when I put one of your favorite products on full-blast. This one comes from Anonymous (I mean yeah, an air of mystery is always sexy...but don't you want to introduce yourself, bunny?), and it's so right on time, I can't hardly stand it. Enjoy!

SYB BABE: Anonymous
SHARE: "I ordered the Candy Paint Glosses from Carol's Daughter ($13.50 each) after seeing them on the cover of WWD. I actually adore them- the colors are amazing and they don't have a cloying flavor. I pretty much have bought them all!"
TIA'S 2 CENTS: I've been so itching to write about these fabulous glosses, you have no idea. The fact that such a time-honored bath, body & hair company has made a foray into makeup was such big news, it made the cover of Women's Wear Daily--the fashion industry Bible--this summer! And for good reason. These glosses toe the line between high-wattage, ooh-la-la mega-color and good-for-you treatment (they're loaded with lip-conditioning grapeseed oil, shea butter and vitamin E). Candy Paints come in shades ranging from J Lo bronze to Bianca Jagger-esque fuschia, but my favorite is Park Avenue Pink, a neutral baby-pink that has just enough warmth to look divine on all skin tones. FYI, it also looks insanely sexy layered over a darker brown shade. LIsa Price, we heart you.


PS (because there's ALWAYS a PS): My darling Sunshine just added a fabulous feature where you can enter your email address and get automatic updates (scroll's at the bottom of the page)! Also, my email buddies will be the first to know when interesting things happen, like book signings or confirmation that Jen Bunney got a nose job. Okay, now I'm off to Tracy Reese's show! Stay tuned for my bi-annual Fashion Week wrapup next week...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pretty Baby-liss

Hi ladies,
I'm feeling SOO much better, thank God...and thanks so much for all your get-well-soons! I guess I had a little too much fun on Cape Cod. And for those of you concerned about Joanne's welfare, all I can say is that after a drizzly day sans umbrella (too big to fit in my Waspy J. Crew mini-tote), she looked like an overcooked souffle. That was before I high-tailed it to the local drugstore and bought the teeniest, tiniest travel flatiron I'd ever seen in my life. Babyliss' Mini Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron ($18.95) has these itty-bitty ceramic plates that are the perfect size for smoothing out frazzled bangs (they're heaven on roots, too). And lo, Joanne was restored to her original luster...and I can't help but think she aided in my winning the informal "best dress" contest at the wedding! Honestly, that ice pink, bell-sleeved Bebe minidress has been the best purchase of my life. In any event, my lilliputian Babyliss now has a permanent place in my everyday bag. One never knows when one'll need a quick tune-up, right?

PS...Sorry, I had to sneak in a little "Hills" watch. Anyone but me call bull-to-the-sh&t on Heidi and Spencer's concerns about Brody's "loyalty" for hanging out with Lauren? Please, they're just scared he'll spill the beans about them spreading those vile B.C. rumors. The looks on their faces when they found out Brody and LC were chilling were ones of ABJECT TERROR. And no guy, not even gross crotch-face Spencer (loathing the chin-pubes), would break-up with their lifelong friend over some chick. Speidi? The devil's spawn.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kisses and Codeine

Hey sweeties,
How was your Labor Day?! I missed you dreadfully!! Yep, I'm back in town, but I'm suffering a KILLER MIGRAINE. Since you deserve only the most lucid posts from your Tia, I'll be back tomorrow AM. Or the second the codeine kicks in. Either or.

By the way, Cape Cod is too glamorous. Sadly, though, my relationship with Joanne suffered in the drizzly beach air. More later.