Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Black Herstory Month

Hey Ladies,
SUCH an exciting moment in Black Girl Glamour History, isn't it? This month, not only is Beyonce the second black woman to land the cover of Sports Illustrated, but J-Huds is only the third black celebrity (after Halle and Oprah) to make the coveted cover of Vogue!! Here, I offer you two more reasons why the latter feat should land in history books:

1.) Jennifer Hudson's the first FULL-FIGURED woman to grace Vogue's cover, ever (and Oprah doesn't count, 'cause Ms. Wintour of Our Discontent made the gazillionaire icon lose 20 pounds first).

2.) She's also the first BLACK SINGER, ever. Meaning, she landed the holy grail of American Fashion BEFORE Beautiful B. Ouch!! Here's to hoping Deena is pleased enough with her gorge SI cover to not want to claw Effie's eyes out. But there I go, perpetuating the whole "black chicks hating on each other" thing...that alarm I hear oustide my window is the sterotype police coming to drag my ass away. No, in all seriousness, both Jennifer and Beyonce's feats are fabulous and The Queen of Dereon is a living legend and downright glamour icon, so I'm sure she's not tripping (the writer typed with an evil cackle).

In other news, have you heard of NABFEME? It stands for National Association of Black Female Executive in Music and Entertainment, and it's a fabulous networking organization if you're interested in pursuing a career in music, movies, TV, radio, journalism, fashion...really, media in general. DEFINITELY look into joining a chapter in your area. Anyway, for the past two weekends, I've been a panelist at the NYC chapter's recurring "Dreamgirls: Successful Women Succeeding in Dream Jobs" event (along with truly inspirational execs from MTV, Z100, Essence, J Records, etc.), and I just wanted to shout out all the brilliant, powerful, glamorous girls I all inspired me to get over my writer's block and finish my second IT CHICKS book before my editor whacks me. If you'll be in the New York area the weekend of the 24th, you should stop by (more info, here). You'll learn tons and hopefully meet some lifelong mentors!!

Back to beauty. This week, I'm deviating from my usual five product roundup because I really want to spotlight two new miracle-workers. Read on and you'll understand why:

1.) HUGE, BREAKING HAIR NEWS. Okay, I write a lot about Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding ($38-$58), and for good reason. Not only is this lushly whipped styling cream perfect for de-frizzing and defining wash-and-go curls, it's also just the thing for smoothing out new growth in-between relaxers (just dab on wet roots, smooth back with a fine-tooth comb and blast with a blowdryer). The problem is, Miss Jessie KNOWS she's pure magic and charges accordingly. Many of you have written in, begging for a just-as-good-but-cheaper alternative, and lo, I've finally found one!!! I swear on Zora Neale Hurston, Kinky Curly Curling Custard ($20) is JUST as good as Miss Jessie's!! It makes for gorgeous, un-crunchy curls and super-smooth new growth...and a little goes a long way, so it lasts forever. Also, it's blended with Agave Nectar, a super-hydrating moisturizer, that'll leave your hair glossy, glossy, glossy. Yay Kinky Curly!

2.) I also get tons of questions about blush. And yes, it's definitely hard to find the right color for brown skin. As you know, I'm a huge fan of orange-hued blush, but many of you are too nervous to take the tangerine plunge. Enter Smashbox O-Glow ($26), a clear gel that reacts with your chemistry to naturally turn cheeks the color you blush! Have you ever? Somehow, it gets your circulation going so the blood rushes to the surface, creating a totally natural, healthy flush that lasts for hours. You can't get a more dead-on perfect blush shade...and it works on every skin tone under the sun. You heard it here, first!!

Big kiss,

PS...Have a thing for drop-dead delicious stilettoes, boots and tiny cupcakes? On Wednesday, Feb. 21st, I'm hosting an exclusive shopping event at Te Casan, the three-story designer shoe boutique in Soho (382 West Broadway). If you're gonna be in New York City, definitely stop by...I'm dying to meet you! But make sure you RSVP first ( or call 212-792-5847). See you there, Pretty!

Friday, February 09, 2007


Hola Pumpkins,
Happy Early Valentine's Day! In honor of the upcoming festivities, I'd just like to publicly announce that, well, I totally love my husband, Adam (a good quality in a wife, to be sure). As many of you know, I call him Sunshine because he totally lights up my dark, tortured, moody life (so you say you want to be a writer?). Sunshine's my Valentine every single day because he puts up with my neurotic shenanigans, which include—but are not limited to—the following:

1.) Punching him out in my sleep. It's not like I'm conscious, but still.
2.) Making him hold an icepack to my forehead for hours on end during a migraine attack.
3.) Calling him up at work, frantic and hysterical, because I'm frustrated by a paper jam.
4.) Clogging up the DVR with "Grey's Anatomy," "The Hills," "The L Word," "Sex & the City," and "Gilmore Girls."

Actually, I kind of think he enjoys "The Hills," but what self-respecting, grown-ass man would admit to being fascinated at how Brody Jenner managed to pull Nicole, Kristin and LC with lines like, "Your eyes, no really, they're like amaaazing." Okay, enough of my gushing. On to what's important. Now, I realize many of you think that V'day is limited to folks in a relationship, but you couldn't be more wrong. Whether you're single or attached, you can end up having the time of your life! If you're in a relationship, it's all about a super-romantic night filled with kisses, cocktails and coupling. But if you're not, you can get all dolled up, go out with the girls, and drive the boys insane. Either way, it's about primping, which is my bailiwick. Here, I've listed the eight things—beauty-related or otherwise—that'll make my Valentine's Day fabulous. Enjoy, and use protection!!

Big Love,


MEET MARK KISSINC LIP TINTMARKERS ($6, each): Nothing indicates the lusty blush of romance like a crushed-rose-petal lip stain (can you believe an early ACCIDENTAL DIVA book reviewer accused me of "overly lush language?"). Mark makes the best lip stains, ever—the super-concentrated liquid lipcolor comes in a sweet magic marker-like pen, and stays put after hours of making out. Or heavy cocktailing, whichever’s on your Feb. 14th agenda. My favorite is Foxy Brown, a seductive cherry-walnut shade.

GOLD HEART DOORKNOCKER EARRINGS ($10): So “a salt with a deadly pepa!” Make sure you rock ‘em with irony, you know, not like you’re trying to out-Ferg Fergie. Don't listen to snarky fashion editors who say that a retro look is off-limits if you're old enough to have worn it the first time. In 1988, I was in doorknocker-wearing, wop-dancing eighth grader, and I look just as cute in the earrings today.

ROUTE 29 CONVERSATION TRUFFLES ($7.95): Perfect for the guy you’re kind of seeing, but who you haven’t had the mood-killing “where do we stand?” conversation with yet. This box of conversation heart-topped truffles says “I think you’re kinda aiight” without scaring away the commitment-phobic bastard. Whoa, where’d that come from?

REVLON SKINLIGHTS FACE ILLUMINATOR IN BRONZE LIGHT ($10.99): Desperately-in-love fictional heroines like Juliet always seem to have the most glowing, radiant skin. Since the butt-ass-cold weather is murder on your complexion, it’s all about faking it. Here’s how to brighten up: Blend Revlon’s genius highlighter along cheekbones (over blush) and browbones. It’s more luminous than shimmery, so it gives you a grown-up glow, not a teenagery glitter-overdose.

RACHEL PALLY LONG SLEEVE SPLIT BACK MINIDRESS (on sale for $88): On Valentine's Day, you want to look sexy as hell, just not Pussycat Doll-raunchy—and it's a fine line. This super-soft jersey minidress happens to be deeply hot without looking desperate. It's all about the split back, which shows just enough skin to get your boyfriend/girlfriend/electrical device all hot and bothered. Comes in red, white, navy or black…wear alone, paired with leggings, or over skinny jeans tucked into booties.

ORIGINS SPICE ODYSSEY BODY SCRUB ($27.50): I heart this stuff, in a major way! If this winter has left your skin a dry, flaky mess like mine, than you BETTER scrub the night before the big day. Nobody wants to rub up against ash. Origins' fantastic Moroccan-inspired exfoliator is spiked with a cocktail of aphrodisiac spices (including clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and paprika) and skin-softening moisturizers that’ll make your bod smell and feel irresistible.

BOX OF LOVE LETTER SET ($12 for 12 notecards): It may be corny, and I may be 31, but I still like to send out Valentine’s Day notes. It’s cute to let the folks you love know you’re thinking about them, don’t you think? And I’m crazy for the kinda retro, kinda Trapper Keeper-ish rainbow hearts. Anyone who wouldn’t enjoy receiving one of these in the mail is a cold hearted snake (“uh-oh, he’s been tellin’ lies.”)

JO MALONE RED ROSES COLOGNE ($50.00): You think Valentine, you think roses. You think rose perfume, you think grandma. Not so with this searingly chic scent from cult-fave perfumer, Jo Malone. It's blended with seven different types of roses, and gets a crisp, sexy kick from citrus, spearmint and violet extracts. Gorgeous.