Monday, June 29, 2009

Liberian Curl

Hey ladies,
Wow. Michael Jackson. DEVASTATED. To answer what will for sure be the "where were you when..." question we'll be hearing the rest of our lives, me and my sisters were celebrating Lauren's birthday (Happy 28th, SisterWoman!) at a swanky restaurant. Almost immediately, everyone around us began frantically checking their Blackberries and I-phones, frantically texting and generally looking shocked. How can this be? I can't fathom that La Lina will grow up in a world without MJ...or worse, that she'll grow up in a world that'll remember him as nothing more than a clown-faced freakshow (at a loss for words, I relayed his significance by performing the entire Thriller routine for her). So sad. We love you, Michael! Don't stop till you get enough!

BTW, does anyone find it somehow meaningful that he died on the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain? I feel like there's got to be some significance there, but I don't know what it is.

Whatever it is, the show must go on. And that's exactly what last night's BET Awards did! At the eleventh hour, they switched up their entire run of show to allow for a passel of MJ tributes...and oh, they were so good. NeYo singing "Lady in my Life?" Smashed it. But of course, me being me, I was transfixed by a particularly sexy hair trend. Curls, curls, and mo' curls were popping up all over the red carpet, and I loved it!

What I loved the most was that the celebs proved that ringlets aren't limited to long hair alone. From Keri Hilson's sexy, hipster crop to Alicia's shoulder-grazing moment and Beyonce's looser-curled long locks, every length was represented. Equal opportunity curls, so ooh-la-la!!

Here's how you do it, whether your hair is itty bitty or down to your butt: Pile your hair ontop of your head, and pull down a small section, starting in the back. Spritz the section with a heat-activated conditioning spray (I love Frederic Fekkai Defense Thermal/UV Protectant Spray ($25)), to protect your hair from heat damage. Then, wrap the section around the barrel of a 1/2 inch curling iron like Hot Tools Professional Marcel Curling Iron 1/2 inch, $33 (for looser waves like B's, use a 1 or 2 inch barrel). But make sure the curling iron is CLOSED before you wrap your hair...this is key. Hold for no more than 10 seconds, then slip the iron out. Voila! A perfect, springy ringlet. After you've finished your entire head, shake it out with your fingers. The sexiness is ridic. Try it!
yours in curls,

PS...this is one of my FAVORITE hairstyles to rock, as evidenced by my author photo and any other pic of me taken at an important event. It's so much more, I don't know...WANTON than stick-straight hair!


Blogger tcrust said...

Was very disappointed in the BET Awards. The tributes to Michael looked thrown together and the profanity and sagging pants did not salute excellence of any kind. This production was not suitable for my three sons. What a shame.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Mikaela said...

In total agreement about both MJ & the curls... gorgeous curls are a zillion times sexier than straight hair. I need some texture, otherwise it's just too boring - very high school girl.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous tabitha said...

I didn't watch the BET awards (I'm allergic to BET, I'm afraid), but thanks for the shout-out about curlies being able to wear their hair short, as I just chopped off 7 inches of my hair.


9:18 PM  
Anonymous couture nerd said...

Ne-yo's rendition of Lady In My Life was fAnTaStIC! I'd forgotten more MJ hits than some will ever know. How blessed am I?

The words by Janet were so heartfelt. Her pain was palpable.

It was so great to see and remember the Michael that I grew up with (check the MJ background pic while Ne-yo is singing, it is breathtaking). His talent will be sorely missed.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous couture nerd said...


I love your sense of humor - at a loss for words, performed the whole Thriller routine for her. ha! classic!

10:19 PM  
Blogger Tameir said...

***BTW, does anyone find it somehow meaningful that he died on the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain? I feel like there's got to be some significance there, but I don't know what it is.***

I agree with you on that. MJ, you are and will always be missed.

7:14 PM  
Blogger tiara_mh said...

ive been oh so sad these past few weeks.... im going to miss MJ so much! its been all i can talk about since it happened.... it's up to us to make sure little La Lina knows all about his greatness! gone too soon!


2:19 PM  
Blogger keribrenton3 said...

So cute lol, it was so sad what happened. it was such a shock. but i love the curls!!

12:49 PM  

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