Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New, Blue, Fabulous

Hey ladies,
I'm am sooo tired of bikini bumps (I accidentally typed "bikini bums" and had visions of down-on-their-luck sexpots begging for spare change on some gritty boardwalk). It doesn't matter if I wax or shave! No matter what, I always get a few, supremely annoying bikini-line bumps that never seem to go away. I've used Tend Skin for years, and it works, but it smells like a geriatric medicine cabinet and really brings me down, man (tiny disclaimer: I totally recommend it for be-razor-bumped guys, though. They don't care about scent as much). For years, I've been searching for something less clinical and unsexy-smelling to help me with my, um, little flower. Guess what? Found it! Shaveworks The Cool Fix ($25) is new, blue gel that obliterates ingrown hairs, razor burn, redness, the whole enchildada, mama. Shave bumps happen when hair gets trapped underneath the skin, attracting bacteria and excess sebum. The Cool Fix is loaded with powerful exfoliants that clear out clogged pores and liberate trapped hairs...and prevents new bumps from occurring in the first place! And it doesn't just work on the bikini girlfriend has rough, bumpy patches under her arms, and The Cool Fix cleared it right up. All this, and it smells and FEELS heavenly, too. You better not go to Turks & Caicos without this blue miracle gel, sexy.

Speaking of stuff that's blue and genius (I know, a stretch) you know any tweens? If so, you must give them with the newest middle-school-age literary sensation, Mackenzie Blue ($8.61)!! It's a totally brilliant, totally smart story about a seventh grader who's having a really bad day. Her BFF moves away, someone steals her diary and reads it to the whole class, and she blows her big chance to be a rock star! Ladies, it's the cutest story, and the multi-cultural cast is to die for. Point your niece or daughter in the direction of the fantastic, interactive website, too: Oh, and did I mention that this book was the brainchild of my darling friend and Buzz Marketing CEO, Tina Wells?!! Congrats, lady!!


Blogger Mikaela said...

Tia! Aside from a bikini bump product, the other thing you should use is diaper rash creme (which you would have on hand right now :). Seriously, it is the best for clearing things up & soothing the skin. I did a post on it ages ago, and have since changed my preferred product to Aveeno because it is unscented...

12:31 PM  
Anonymous tabitha said...

I've seen Tina Wells in Black Enterprise.

You and I have the same problem (presumably because our hair is the same texture). I've never used tend skin, but I'll try this stuff. Or diaper ointment, which is infinitely cheaper.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Koko said...

Yay! I just picked this up from Sephora last night! Thanks for the tip. It smells great just like u said.
BTW, I love your blog and your style.

Carey Ann

12:15 PM  
Blogger miss miranda said...

Thanks for the info on the Tina Wells book! Good stuff!

12:00 PM  

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