Thursday, May 28, 2009

I probably think this song is about me...

Hi ladies,
Thank you so much for participating in week thirteen--the last and final week--of SYB's "Free at Last" Giveaway Extravaganza! This week's winner is NIKKI! Miss Nikki, shoot me an email at with your address so I can send you your prize: Orlane Paris Absolute Radiance Lightbox ($200) and Sampar Eye Rule ($78)! Lucky girl. Girls, thank you SO much for your boundless enthusiasm for my two-month "Free at Last" experiment. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! And a huge shout-out to all the fabulous beauty brands that helped make the thirteen giveaways possible. Sigh. So full of love on this rainy Thursday. Enough gushing, onto le beaute...

Saturday is La Lina's christening! We're having it at St. Augustine's, a stunning old cathedral-type church in Park Slope, and the weather's supposed to be GORGEOUS. Equally gorgeous? My outfit! Whatever, I'm a new mommy, I'm allowed this moment of sartorial self-indulgence. Influenced as hell by the J. Crew numbers Mrs. Obama wore on her triumphant traipse across Europe, I raced to the Soho store and splurged on a vivid, coral pencil skirt and a sleeveless, ruffly silk blouse in a gorgeous cream. Slinky and sophisticated, no?! Anyway, I searched forever for an appropriate eyeshadow to go with the whole look. The bright melon skirt really called for a sun-drenched moment...I was thinking shimmery salmons and golds. And I saw a pic of RiRi somewhere rocking a gold eye with a thin teal line along her bottom lashes (sounds bold, but it wasn't, I promise! Just a subtle shot of color). Loved that! So, when I found Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sand & Sea EyeShadow Palette ($38), I dropped everything and splurged (if I was really being honest with myself, I'd admit I had most of these colors already in my makeup drawer, but they were scattered throughout different palettes! So inconvenient!). Honestly, how gorge are these colors? The dazzling shades include Turquoise, Aqua, Bronze Cube, Gold Nugget, Tea Biscuit and Ginger Drop...perfect for my moment, each and every one. I plan to apply Gold Nugget to my lids, Bronze Cube in the crease, Tea Biscuit on my browbone and inner corners (instantly wakes up tired eyes), and I'll use a teensy liner brush to drag Turquoise along my bottom lashline. I realize that my child's baptism is not about my eyeshadow, but between you and I, I'm terribly excited about this. Pictures coming next week!


Blogger 1969 said...

Awww. Congratulations to you and the family on La Lina's christening. And yes, we will need lots of photos.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Lo' Diva said...

you will be fierce! I can picture it now! OOOh please send pics!

3:28 PM  
Blogger A*E* said...

Congrats on La Lina's christening! Can't wait for pics!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Gemini said...

Congrats on the christening! God bless

4:59 PM  
Blogger Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Congrats on the christening!

Ihave that Estee Lauder palette. It's love!

4:46 AM  

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