Friday, June 12, 2009

ANTM, Web Version

Hi sugarplums,
I thought my gorgeous SYB Babes would love to know about these two, high-profile model searches...

Essence and CoverGirl are searching for a beauty-loving stylista to be the face of the Essence Makeover Model beauty campaign! The winner will be an official Essence Makeover Magic Model--the new "try on" makeover tool that will allow readers to try on zillions of hair and makeup looks (the entire CoverGirl Queen line will be at your disposal!). The winner will be pampered at a fabulous photo shoot, and the resulting image will appear on until December 31, 2009. Plus, she'll receive a beauty gift basket filled with CoverGirl Queen Collection Cosmetics and a free trip to the Essence Music Festival! The contest ends on June 18, 2009, so click here for all the deets!

Smashbox Makeup is also having a search to find the next "face" of their campaign. Enter here to become famous!


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