Friday, July 22, 2005

Holiday, celebration...come together in every nation

Hey Ladies,
Everyone LOVED Iman...I'm so thrilled! She's a fabulous lady, and I'm tickled to muerte that she agreed to shake her considerable beauty with us for a week. I'm living for all of your enthusiastic responses, so much so that I'm moved to holla back a bit...

Ghettogeisha: Hope my silly beauty blather helps you recover from your tonsilectomy!
Diva: Made me weep, you knowing THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA by heart..
Funkdeeva: I hear you on the Flori Robers, girl. Ew?
Struggling Princess: Good luck, baby--here's hoping you find your fairy.
Richell: And anyone who appreciates my literary tastes is alright with me.
Todd: A "gifts for your wife" list would be cute, but sugar, you're my only straight male reader.
DivaSoulSistaHuneyChil: Totally feeling your new blog! []

Back to business. On Monday, me and my adorable hubby will be off on our first wedding anniversary European vacation (Paris, Cannes, Sevilla & Barcelona!!!) for two weeks, so this will be my last post for a minute. I'll be thinking of you...will you be thinking of me? Anyway, today I'm running last-minute errands, and my Adam has the nerve to say to ME, of all people, "oh, can you stop by the drugstore and pick up some generic products for us, like lotion and sunblock and stuff?" GENERIC?? Hello? I'm going on a fabulous, jetsetting holiday--clearly my beauty products must support the moment! Here, I've listed my top five summer vacation beauty picks. Glamorous, pampering and essential, every one.

sending you loving kisses from the south of france,

1.) REDKEN UV RESCUE HAIR PRODUCTS: If you're not rocking one of those Joan Crawford turbans on the beach, please protect fragile, highlighted, relaxed, or generally dry hair with Redken's ingenious "sunscreen-for-your-strands" line. If you're just laying out, slather on the nourishing UV Rescue Protective Oil, but if you're jumping in the pool or ocean, apply the UV Rescue Brunette Gard color-saving swim cream to keep combat hair-dulling chlorine and saltwater. And post-sunworshipping, wash that sun, sand and surf right out of your hair with UV Rescue After-Sun Shampoo. Fabulous, and they all smell vaguely beachy.
2.) KIEHLS ESSENTIAL TRAVEL GEAR SET: The beauty equivalent of an all-inclusive resort, this seriously chic, travel-sized kit includes Vital Sun Protection SPF 30 Lotion, Mango Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser, Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (doubles as ultra-rich body cream), and Kiehls' star product, Lip Balm Number 1 (great for sun-chapped lips).
3.) PETER THOMAS ROTH ALOE-CORT CREAM: Go get this immediately, if you're a person prone to bug bites or sunburns. This unsmelly anti-itch cream contains aloe vera, hydrocortisone and vitamin E--so soothing, so worth the price.
4.) LIPPMAN COLLECTION NAIL POLISH IN CORAL RED: There's no point in breaking out your bust-boosting Malia Mills bikini, those oversized Dior shades or your Giuseppe Zanotti beaded wedges if your toes look crazy. Bring out your inner "Palm Bitch" with this deliciously juicy, fruit punch shade of coral-red.
5.) PHILOSOPHY SENORITA MARGARITA SALT SCRUB: Actually, this should've gone first. Before baring an inch of skin on your vacay, make sure its baby's-butt-smooth, supple, and totally ash-free. This lushly decadent salt scrub does the job--and the margarita scent gets you feeling all tropical!


Blogger princessdominique said...

Tia congrats and have fun. I look forward to reading your book. I'd love to send you mine as well. Paris is my dream spot, possibly in 2006, I'm praying. Once you get back please share the hot spots :)

11:23 AM  
Blogger Shelia said...

Happy Anniversary. Have fun on your trip. Can't wait to hear about the exciting things you bought :)

3:05 PM  
Blogger cynikalone said...

Just finished your book!!! *thumbs up*

10:35 PM  
Blogger thestraightpoop said...

Happy anniversary! I just found your blog and I likey! I am a fashion/trends/travel writer from Vancouver, BC and will have you bookmarked to check in regularly. PS have a GREAT time in Europe. I just got back from three weeks in Germany, Italy and France and miss it so...can't wait for the stories!

2:58 AM  
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