Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mi spa es tu spa

Hello ladies! Thank you SOOO much for a.) having almost saintly patience and for b.) all your adorably supportive emails offering advice for kicking writer’s block in the ass! Me being me, I was especially fond of the “take-a-minute-to-pamper-yourself” suggestions. In roughly two seconds, my humble Brooklyn apartment morphed into a veritable spa sanctuary full of the most gloriously pampering, orgasm-inducing, self-indulgent products under the sun--and not just the usual spa fare, either. Muchachitas, you can't IMAGINE what inspiration comes from replacing your generic deodorant or liquid hand soaps with ultra-luxurious substitutes--very spa outside the box! Okay, so my husband has suffered some good-natured ribbing for leaving the house smelling like a sprig of lavender, but guess what?! I’m totally back to being the sassy scribe that I am (and really, Adam, aren't we both so much happier this way?).

Try these, you’ll DIE,


1.) ARCHIPELAGO BOTANICALS GODDESS SOY BOXED CANDLES IN DEMETER: A blend of orange and patchouli, the scent is a heady citrus-musk that’s fabulous to burn during a long bath, but the best part? The candle’s inspired by Demeter, the goddess of “bountiful harvest!” Long story short, I’m highly superstitious and I have a feeling Demeter helped harvest my creativity, as it were.

2.) L’OCCITANE FACE EXFOLIATING MASK IN LAVENDER HARVEST: Okay, I have chronic migraines and lavender, with its relaxing aromatherapeutic benefits, is PROVEN to ease migraines…or any tension, for that matter. So not only does the mask polish dull skin to a radiant glow, it also leaves a faint lavender scent that you inhale all day. Oh, I get chills just writing about it.

3.) COVER GIRL EYESLICKS GEL EYECOLOR PENCIL: This isn’t a spa product, really, but I had to mention it because it still manages to pamper, somehow—the shade is water-based, so it feels like you’re wearing an ultra-refreshing cucumber slice. So refreshing—and gorgeous, too (my favorite is Cream Soda). At drugstores.

4.) BLISS MAMMOTH MINTY SCRUB SOAP: If Bliss is the NYC fabulous-people-whipping-themselves-into-fabulous-shape institution that kicked off the whole mid-nineties spa craze, than this gi-normous soap bar was the must-have for everyone who couldn’t get on the waiting list! Blended with zingy, moisturizing mint oil and skin-smoothing exfoliating beads, this 12 0z bar is about the size of Rhode it gives great skin for, like, EVER.

5.) AVEDA CARRIBBEAN THERAPY BATH SOAK: Oooooh. Sooo good. A blend of lime, mango, and cocoa butter, this deliciously-scented, moisturizing soak is no less than Jamaica, bottled.

6.) ORIGINS LAVENDER VANILLA BATH & BODY OIL: I can’t get enough of this stuff. Not only because of the lavender, which we know I worship, but because the lavender/vanilla combination is absolutely float-away-able (so much so, that I also have the room spray, body scrub, and shower gel). I use it everywhere—in my bathwater, allover as a moisturizer, even on the ends of my hair.

7.) BIOTHERM HAPPY LEGS ICY LEGS GEL: You’re supposed to use this on sore legs after you work out (work out? pshaw), but I love this as a little perk-me-up when I’m up all night trying to write and my eyes are closing and one idea runs into the next. I rub a drop between my hands, put them over my face, and inhale. So invigorating, so mind-clearing, so focusing. And legal.

8.) FRESH ROLL-ON SUGAR DEODORANT: When I decided to renovate my bathroom into a palace of pampering delights, I took stock of everything…even the most unlikely. This deodorant is strenuously chic, unchalky, and smells so sweet people will ask what fragrance you’re wearing. And you’ll lie, of course.

9.) DAVIES GATE GARDEN MADE HAND SALVE: Blended with tons of shea butter and nut oil, this ultra-rich, creamy butter is meant for hands, but its fabulous as an instant-pedicure--and its tiny, so you can throw it in your bag for ashy-emegencies. Yep, watch those heels and toes, girls, its wedge season.

10.) MOLTON BROWN THAI VERT LIQUID HAND WASH: Again, spa-ifying your surroundings is all about glamorizing products that you wouldn’t think of!! This moisturizing, ever-so-spicy cleanser is spiked with pomegranates, cardamom, and rose…and is so frisky, so Moroccan honeymoon, that the simple act of washing your hands becomes ridiculously fab.


Blogger Schanina said...

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Blogger Schanina said...

Hey Tia,
I'm lovin' the at home spa ideas. I am obsessed with anything that makes my at home experience a little cozier. In the past, my favorite product has been PlugIns Scented Oil with Refreshing Citrus. The scent is heavenly, but the product isn't much in terms of eye candy. Thanks for the grown-up ideas to spice up my home.

I would also like to give you props on your book,THE ACCIDENTIAL DIVA.It takes a lot of talent and patience to write a book.

There are a million things I want to know about fashion, beauty, and writing, but I am sure you will cover them in your blog. Keep making this a happy place on the net.


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