Monday, October 05, 2009

Sonia K, All Day!

Hey mujeres,
I went to such a fun event last week for Sonia Kashuk's fall line! For the uninitiated, Sonia Kashuk is a legendary celebrity makeup artist who, for the last ten years, has designed her BRILLIANT, eponymous makeup and skincare line for Target (and her makeup book, Real Beauty, is a true classic). Ms. Kashuk was also the very first famous makeup artist I ever met...when I was a wee beauty editor at Glamour, she did the faces for my first big photo shoot! We've been friends, ever since.

Anyway, she invited the beauty press down to her offices right across from Ground Zero (the sadness never ebbs, no matter how many times I've been down there). Her office was a beauty girl's dream...shelves and shelves of the most exquisitely packaged little gems, each one fancier and smarter than the last (honestly, Target really has cornered the market on high-quality, budget-friendly products. I just bought an Anna Sui for Target dress that deserves a spot on Barney's 8th floor). As Sonia walked us through her fall offerings, I spotted a cluster of the most gorge blush tints on a shelf across the room. I demanded an explanation, so Sonia pulled one down--now, it's important to remember that it was a random shade--and blended the lightweight, subtle shimmery, hint-of-a-tint liquid on the back of my hand. Girls, it was sooo pretty. Obviously, we all know that brown girls have to be very strategic about makeup shades; it's almost impossible to just throw on any blush and have it look great. But this tint was so sheer, so soft and natural-looking, that it truly just looked like me, blushing. FYI, the shade was Rose, but I tried on the rest of them, and they're all super-gorge. Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tints are available in Peony, Poppy, and Rose ($9.99 each, at Target stores).

Oh, and just so you know, Sonia Kashuk's range of makeup brushes ($9.99-$21.99) are insane. Cannot believe they're sold at Target...the woman could sell the at Bendel's for a zillion dollars and no one would bat an eyelash (I spot them backstage at fashion shows all the time). Anyway, they're ridiculously soft, and last forever. Sonia was sort of grossed-out to find out that I've been using the same blush brush for five years.

Don't judge me!!

PS...thanks to Daphne Youree for the shot of me and Sonia!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still mad that they discontinued Sonia's nail polish line at Target a few years back. She had the perfect neutral polish for brown-skinned girls. I've wasted a bunch of money on shades that don't come close. Still have no idea what I'm going to wear on my nails for my wedding. Since y'all are cool, ask Ms. Sonia to bring it back! I put an entire wedding party onto the shade and now we're lost.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous tabitha said...

Do you think that Sonia's blush is on par with Benetint and/or Tarte? And if you want to talk about soft-EcoTools are to DIE FOR. They're so soft-and they look good on display, which is good for those of us whose master baths don't have tons of counterspace.

4:00 PM  
Blogger beautybets said...

Totally agree on the cheek tints. Really beautiful and sheer - great for anyone who's new to using a liquid or cream blush!

9:52 PM  
Blogger T said...

Hey Tia,

Do you have any recommendations for budget (drug store) under-eye yellow/green/etc concealer?


9:13 AM  
Anonymous chloe said...

Sonia K is the bomb! I had to go to 3 different Targets before grabbed two of her blending sponges - they are awesome!!!

7:18 PM  

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