Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mirror Face Contest at BeautyBloggingJunkie!

Hey ladies,
Wanted to let you know about a new giveaway my friend Amber at BeautyBloggingJunkie is doing! She's giving away five products to the person who sends the best picture/explanation of their "mirror face"--the face you make when you're applying makeup and no one is watching. To enter, email Amber at (subject line: Mirror Face Giveaway) with a photo of your "mirror face" and a short explanation of why you do it and how you realized you make it. The deadline is Friday, March 13th, and she's posting the winner's name on Monday, March 15th.

Here is a list of the products for the giveaway:
Olay PRO-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment
Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Plus Smoothing Essentials Fast Absorbing Lotion
Yes to Tomatoes Terrific Day Shower Gel
Sally Hershberger Finishing Cream for Wavy Hair
Philosophy Candy Hearts Pink Bubbly and Angel Food Cake Flavored Lip Shines

Good luck, ladies!


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