Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Yellow Fever

Hi ladies,
Thanks so much for your sweet emails about SIXTEEN CANDLES! I hope you love it and tell all your 12-18 year old associates to buy, buy, buy! Okay, must back off from the self-promotion for a minute. Lately, I've been trying to give my nails (fingers, not toes) a polish break. They've been getting really brittle and they're peeling and's a nightmare. So, I've just been doing a nice buff and clear polish, getting my nails prepped for the onslaught of summery, trashy-bright manicures that'll start happening around May 31st. Here's the problem, though. After a season of dark, vampy polishes, my nails are now a sickly yellow color. HATE. My brilliant manicurist suggested Barielle Nail Brightener ($16), a natural enhancer containing anti-oxidants that cancel out the yellow, while brightening and moisturizing your nails. I'm loving this stuff! You just apply one coat to get a luminous, totally natural-looking sheen (I hear it's also lovely as a yellow-preventative measure, if you apply underneath colored polish). If you've experienced the yellow at all, this Nail Brightener is a must. Thank me later!