Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tom Cruise thinks we're beautiful

Girls, I'd like to debut a new feature on SHAKE YOUR BEAUTY! To be honest, I feel that "TIA'S WEEKLY...WHYYY?" is long overdue. Every week, someone does something so deeply asinine in the media that I find myself questioning if all is right with the world (my mind is cluttered with all these random facts because I have to research crazy pop culture stuff for our daily celeb gossip segment on Cosmo Radio…that’s the only reason, I swear). So I've created a forum where I can ponder these deeply philosophical questions, if you don't mind. Here’s this week's question:

WHY IS TOM CRUISE SO OBSESSED WITH BLACK PEOPLE? If you managed to get past his crazy-old-man-on-the-front-porch musings about curing heroin addiction with, like, a multi-vitamin…you’ll notice that, as of late, TC's been steadily surrounding himself with a merry band of cullid entertainers. To be specific, the man has asked Kanye West and Jamie Foxx to be his baby's "Uncles." Reportedly, he refuses to miss a performance by Jada Pinkett Smith's rock band, Wicked Wisdom...and he's been orchestrating play dates between Katie and Jada, with the hope that she'll be asking Jada to be a bridesmaid. He’s referred to Will Smith as “his boy.” He and Katie were seen whoopin' it up at Oprah's Legends Ball, which was a fancy prom for BLACK FEMALE ICONS. And please tell me someone emailed you guys the little QuickTime thingie of TC getting krunk on 106th & Park??!! I’m talking about knees bent, arms in the air, shoulders shaking hard enough to recall the Bankhead Bounce (and, oh, the looks on the faces of his Mission Impossible co-stars, Laurence Fishburne and Ving Rhames were priceless). TC, you’re wearing me out! He’s not the first to have a black fetish, and he won’t be the last (hello, Bill Maher) but come on...Wicked Wisdom?

Dear Ladies,
Hiii! As promised, this week is all about me answering your beauty questions…oh, and I got some FABULOUS ones this week. Oh, and I noticed something else happening. You guys are starting to actually answer each other’s questions with your own beauty recommendations. I LOVE THIS! Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and squishy and community-like? So, this is what I propose. Next week’s post will be called “SHARE YOUR BEAUTY,” and it’ll be a roundup of all of your fabulous product suggestions! I’m so in love with the idea that I’ve decided to do it once a month! Anyway, keep your brilliant recommendations coming because, as beauty obsessed as I am, I must admit that I don’t have all the answers (ooh that was hard. I’m sending you my therapist bill). Have a fabulous week girls, and keep shakin’ it for mama.



Dear Stephanie,
I found you the perfect thing to wear to your wedding in St Lucia. PRAIRIE NEW YORK'S JADE DRESS ($221) manages to be seriously sexy while also working that beachy-easy, “oh I just threw this on with some gold flip-flops” thing that’s so scorching-hot for summer. It’s really all about the deep-V neckline adorned with those chunky, vibrant stones. Yum.

Dear Kimberly,
The oily-eyelids thing is an extremely common problem, and it makes it impossible to keep your eyeshadow from creasing and/or sliding down your face. Thank God for TOO FACED EYESHADOW BASE IN SECOND BASE! Simply blend this botanical-based matte primer over your lid before applying shadow, and it magically holds it in place all day long. Second Base also works wonders on your undereye bags: If you dot and blend it on your dark circles before applying concealer, it prevents concealer from settling into those fine lines while brightening the hell out of the entire area! You’ll look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (even if you’re hungover and grumpy).

Dear Porsche,
How many of us have had this problem? Days after Porsche gets a fresh perm, her edges are already standing at attention! Here’s how to tame your unruly hairline—without getting that overly slick, gelled-up grossness. Pull hair into a ponytail, damp your edges a bit and apply a smidgeon of REDKEN LUSH WHIP, a super-lightweight, shine-enhancing styling lotion with fabulous hold. While smoothing back the edges with a comb, blast the area with a blowdryer. The whole thing takes about ten minutes, and your hairline will stay flat all day, I swear!

Dear DDNice,
Now, this is an interesting question! Usually, I wouldn’t recommend a fuchsia lip gloss for Mary J. Blige-complected girlies (hot pink has a lot of blue in it, which is generally too harsh for warm undertones). But because I adore you to death, I figured out a fabulous way for you to go fuchsia! Since an opaque, highly pigmented shade would be too bright, it’s all about a soft, sheer hot pink. First, line and fill-in lips with a brown lipliner, and then layer on a sheer, hot pink gloss—I’m obsessed with BOURJOIS' brilliant new EFFET 3D COCKTAILS LIPGLOSS IN ROUGE SUNSET—for a subtly sexy, strawberry-ish glaze.

Dear Gina,
Looking for THREE CUSTOM COLOR'S LIP GLOSS IN "BILLIE" (yep, the very one inspired the confused-but-cute heroine of THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA)? You can find this universally flattering, bronzy-red gloss on It's my personal belief that Billie would look tres adorable in this color.

Dear LuxeDivaSoulSistaHoneyChile,
Yay!!! I’m so excited your man’s coming back safe and sound from Iraq in two months!!! Girl, you better PUT IT ON HIM the second he lands. And here’s how:

FOR SWEET-SMELLING DREADS: Spritz them with CLEAN SHAMPOO FRESH HAIR FRAGRANCE. At $39, it’s kinda pricey, but this sweet lime/grapefruit/passion lily scent is so incredibly fresh and seductive that you’ll buy TWO.

FOR “WELCOME HOME, SAILOR” LINGERIE: It’s all about This new lingerie and swimwear website is a cult-favorite among celebs, especially their racy-without-being-hoochie CARMEN COLLECTION (I’m equally as booty-impaired, so my favorite are the boyshorts—the low cut, which exposes just enough juice in the back, is sooo flattering).

FOR A SKIN-SOFTENING LOTION MINUS STRONG FRAGRANCE: Definitely go for ORIGINS GINGER GLOSS SMOOTHING BODY OIL. Spray on this slightly citrusy, non-greasy dry oil when your skin’s wet, towel off and voila! You’ll have the silkiest, most touchable skin, ever.


Blogger Cece said...

I swear I thought it was just me who noticed Tom jumping on the BBB~blackbooty bandwagon. You said it but I wil repeat..Seriously. 106 and Park? Seriously Tom. I mean really.

When is the product of the month coming back? I went out and brought the book(after reading my library copy 3 times) and have been waiting and waiting....
Feel free to take a look(and post suggestions from) at my posts on LuxeDiva's problems...I hope I did mama proud. ;-)

5:13 PM  
Anonymous samida said...

This is my TC theory: the children he adpoted with Nicole Kidman are biracial, so I am thinking that he wants to embrace that side for their sake and maybe out of pure appreciation! Now on to my fav: Beauty, baby!

Thanx for that edges solution. I don't have relaxed hair, but I am sporting my "mixed gurl curl" and the edges are not only standing at attention, but waving to passerbys. I am defintiely going to try that!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Porsche said...

I have NO more words to say about Mr. Cruise. I think I've said enough for myself already.

THANK YOU so much for answering my 'edges' question and I'm glad others could benefit from it. I can't wait to get the Lush Whip because there's not a day that goes by when I don't need it.

I had another beauty question (for anyone to help out with) but I can't seem to remember it, so I'm sure I'll be back later to SHARE w/ the Loveys.

Until then...*BESOS*

7:35 PM  
Blogger LUXE_DivaSoulSistaHuneyChil said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH MY BEAUTY FAMILY ROCKS! And trust Tia it going to be on and poppin as soon as his plane hits the ground! Thanks again!

10:17 PM  
Blogger Schanina said...

I recommend DERMADoctor's Picture Porefect! This stuff works wonders! It dries up blackheads, reduces the appearance of pores, and prevents future blockage. I put it on day and night after using an exfoliating cleanser! I can't believe this stuff is made in Kansas City! It makes me so proud! Try it all! (Sold at, Nordstorm, Sephora, and other fine stores..LOL)

7:54 AM  
Blogger Miss Kim said...

Thanks Tia!!!

I'll add the Too Faced Eye Shadow Base to my Sephora order today.


12:36 PM  
Blogger Miss Kim said...

Ooops! I was so excited about the eyeshadow base I forgot to weigh in on Mr. Cruise or T-Baby as he's known in the hood. I don't know what's going on with him, he used to be a well liked and respected actor now he's a total lame. I guess he wants some street cred although I have no idea why??? Maybe he wants to start a revolution...

12:40 PM  
Blogger Schanina said...

I have to disagree...TC is much more entertaining now than he was before. Aliens, Crunk Dancin', Couch Jumping and all!!! Pure COMEDY!!! My friend "THE INFORMANT" gets so many hits on her blog from posting about his madness! TC was blah to me back in the he's crazy, he's edgy, and he's been made a honorary homeboy in the hip hop community! Whenever I want to laugh..I see what's going on with TC in the media. All the other celebs seem too stuck on perfection...TC doesn't think twice about showing his true colors. And he thinks we're beautiful because we are!!!

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Kasumi said...

Thanks for the info about the Redkin Lush Whip... I DESPERATELY need it and have been looking for this kind of product for the past couple of weeks!

3:32 PM  
Blogger Glam Mama said...

Hey Tia, I haven't wrote in a while, but I'm always watching :)! I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and I refuse to be nothing less but stylish. I know that this might be different territory than we're used to but, what can I do to get rid of stretch marks?

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have to try Neutrogena's new Mineral Sheers Powder Bronzer. It is great.

For ten dollars, it's a steal. Not to mention, the brush and powder packaging all in one.

I love it almost as much as my Hoola by Benefit.


9:26 AM  
Anonymous Courtney said...

**T.M.I. Warning**

Tia, HELP!!! I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSO glad that I got your post on the Tend Skin product that dislodges ingrown hairs during the meantime so that my bikini line and such stays soft and smooth, like a lady. But, I have no clue on what to use to trim the rest of my area so that my turf doesn't look like it's balding. I'm not interested in shaving or waxing everything off, nor can I afford anything outrageously expensive on my student salary. Please tell me you know what works to keep myself neat and trim!

'Preciate you, Girl!!!


PS: I had the pleasure of meeting you about a month ago, and it was lovely to see that you shine as fabulously in real time as you do on the printed page. Be encouraged, always! I wish you and everyone you love the best!

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Maria Palma said...

I've been following TC for quite some time now and maybe deep down inside he has jungle fever :) I saw him on 106 & Park....he's just plain comedy, that's all I have to say! What's wrong with a little love from TC?

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Tiffany A. said...

Have you seen this?

Shake your Beauty is listed bottom

4:38 PM  
Blogger Shelia said...

TC is in rare form.

On to a better subject...who do you all think will win America's Top Model?

10:26 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

I sincerely thank you for answering my 'where's Billie" question -- and for, as always, dispensing the beauty wisdom.

As I must now purchase not one, but three fabulous-sounding items you mentioned in this post, however, my wallet does not particularly thank you. :)

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason he is all up in black folks faces is bc we are "hollywierds" hottest commodity right now. He obviously needs new recruits for scientology.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone has used "miss opps - pedicure in a bottle"? Or similar products?
Let me know.. Thanks


9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree, i do feel warm and squishy from sharing. ok, so here goes...i love be! nail lacquers. i've been using the lacquers for a few months and my nails have mega-watt shine and are very strong. have u tried be! nail lacquers?

2:23 PM  
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