Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shim-shimma, who's got the keys to my beama?

"If anything, I'ma keep my enemies closer. I'm looking at it like, you're not gonna walk all over me and think I'm gonna sit there and be your puppet. It's not gonna really happen like that. You playin' me, ma, I'm playin' you, too. And in the end, I'm winning."
—Bre (about Kim) in the first clue that she was a stone cold bee-atch

Hi Ladies,
How's everyone? I'm SWAMPED (its tough, trying to balance sample sale season and a looming deadline), but I had to quickly share my new obsession. Folks, as you well know, this time of year is about exactly two things: The End of the Year Beauty Rut, and The Holiday Party. At precisely the same moment you're so over your hair, your makeup, your stubbornly straight lashes, whatever--you're expected to look your most fabulous at a flurry of seasonal soirees. Right? Well, I recently stumbled upon the PERFECT solution to this perennial, late November/early December-ish problem. It's all about layering a sheer, glitter-flecked gloss over your favorite lip shade. Sounds whatever, but TRUST...this tiny shot of sparkle will instantly make everything about you seem more scintillating, dynamic and irresistible. I know what youre thinking, but I'm not talking the kind of hardcore, seventh-grade glitter that gives your lips an awful gritty feel (so TRL)—these fabulous new "accent" glosses are blended with the softest, most subtle shimmer. And since they're see-thru, they look good on everyone, and over every lipstick shade. Its festive, its glam, its The Answer.

Enjoy, and prepare to totally out-sex whoever has the misfortune of standing next to you in your party pictures.


1.) VICTORIA'S SECRET SWEET TALK SHIMMERING LIP GLOSS in STRAWBERRY SHIMMER ($7 or 2/$10): Oooh, can't say enough about Sweet Talk. Each of these fruit-flavored, twinkly gloss tubes has a different barely-there shade, but my standout favorite is the rose-tinted Strawberry Shimmer (somehow, the pinkiness adds kick-ass oomph to lipsticks in the brown family--I've tested). Also comes in Peach Shimmer, Pear Shimmer, Blueberry Shimmer and Cherry Vanilla Shimmer.

2.) SMASHBOX GEL IN SHEEN ($18): Okay, maybe I'm a twelve-year-old, but flavored glosses make me unreasonably happy. Smashbox's ultra-chic lip gel has a DIVINE honey flavor (its actually infused with real honey extract, as well as shea butter...which accounts for the serious moisturizing benefits), but the best part is the pearly, slightly holographic sheen. Transforms your favorite lipcolor into a '60s Mod moment.

3.) URBAN DECAY XXX SHINE LIP GLOSS IN BAKED ($15): Not only this disco-shimmery, clear bronze gloss flavored with tingly-fresh mint (love), its got a truly inspiring consistency: Not at all tacky, just smooth, smooth, smooth.

4.) BENEFIT DANCING DARLINGS SHIMMERING LIP GLOSS SET ($24): Or, you can skip the first three and invest in this brilliant, all-in-one set of four sparkling mini-glosses. Experiment, mix and match, do whatcha like! Set includes the following transparent colors: Rhumba (white gold), Jitterbug (yellow gold), Two Step (pink gold), and Tango (bronze gold).


Blogger bree! said...

Oh Tia I know whatch mean! I was looking in the mirror this morning saying EXACTLY that my hair is done. I NEED change! I'm trying to get my own little something I'm working on to come to fruition and I'm trying to stay motivated through personal turmoil- TIME FOR A HAIRCUT (I'm a very drastic kinda girl!) P.S. I can't wait for tonight on ANTM. Things are getting outta control. I don't think I'd ever consider putting myself in front of the camera for that THANKS!

12:34 PM  
Blogger LUXE_DivaSoulSistaHuneyChil said...

Ya know I have always been able to glam up any frump day with gloss! My problem is during the winter my slightly cherry carmel bronze complexion turns into ashy flaky yellowish dark brown.I have tried Butters, creams, lotions, oils... I even slather my own vaseline cocoa butter concoctions on after exfoliating. And bronzer or shimmer just looks like it sits on top of my skin. I look Dull from the neck down. What should I do?

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quotes from Tyra's show. Now, I really do not have to watch.

I hope that you had a great thanksgivng.

Can you please more tips on how to apply blush?

As usual your tips are spot on.

10:55 PM  
Blogger gtdiva said...

I have been mostly a silent observer but I finally have to say....Thank you for your wonderful website!!! Accidental Diva has been one of my FAVORITE books since it's debut. Through your web site, I have been able to expand my beauty knowledge ;^). Unfortunately, that hasn't turned into me being an expert at applying make up or figuring out what colors look good on me (the chocolate girl dilemma), but I KNOW I will get there one day with your help ;^). I totally agree with you about the Victoria's Secret Sweet Talk, I am in love with them too (Cherry Vanilla is my fav right now). Thanks for being you and all that you do for us!

12:05 AM  
Blogger Nanya said...

Id been debating the VS glosses, I thought the colors were weird didnt know they were sheer..smh. I picked up the color of bauty tonight, Im geeked cos I just found out U wrote it and Ive always loved Iman and Oluchi is in it too.

4:58 AM  
Blogger Schanina said...

I'm addicted to gloss, this was a great post. I wish I could buy them all. I did buy the Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Raisin Glaze that you suggested a in an earlier post, and I always get compliments. Your beauty advice is the best. Simply fabulous!!!

1:36 PM  
Blogger Karmen said...

Hey Tia,

I'm officially addicted to lip gloss, and it's definitely because of you. :D Great Post! I can not wait for the season finale of ANTM on Wednesday. I hope Bre wins. Thanks and keep the post coming!

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the MAC Cosmetics lipgelees for the Who's That Lady? collection, that are just as good as the ones you've mentioned, and in some cases cheaper!

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you Tia for providing a site that has been looooooong overdue. Can you tell me where I can find a foundation for oily skin that doesn't turn red or orange? I have lots of yellow in my tone.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Dionne Victor said...

I received the Stila candle from the November contest and I love it. The container it comes in is so Memoirs of a Geisha. Thank you, and thanks for the posts that keep me abreast to what's poppin' in the wonderful world of cosmetics.


11:16 AM  
Blogger Miss Michelle said...

Hey Tia!
i've been wearing gloss since i was a kid, but then it looked really corny and goofy, but the lips glosses out now are much better than they use to be, my fav lip gloss right now is Jelly Gloss by Rimmel London, it's a pretty sheer pink with a touch of glimmor, and it looks sexy on my lips with my dark brown complexion, and the best part i got it from wal-mart just 3.99!

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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