Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Jammin' on the one

America's Next Top Model Quote of the Week, #1:
"I'm smart and I have a good head on my shoulder." --Bottle blonde with eyeshadow issues
"Shoulder? Or shoulders?" --Tyra
"What? Oh yeah, both." --BB

Hi girls,
Can I just tell you, I'm having a HUGE mid-80's cult music movie moment. Oh, there's just something so tough, so tarty, so...well, funky-fresh about the chicks in those films! Remember Brenda K. Starr auditioning for the New Years Eve show at the Roxy ("Vicious beat, vicious beat...") in Beat Street? Sheila E rocking lace leggings and the crowd (yes, girl, we do want a love bazaar) in Krush Groove? Madonna as street urchin Susan, doing a mean two-step to her own jam ("I'm tired of dancin' here all by myse-elf") in Desperately Seeking Susan? And screechy-voiced Vanity seducing Taimak with the "Seventh Heaven" theme song ("oh no, we don't burn angels on the fi-yah!") in The Last Dragon? Call me crazy, but I've been totally obsessed with the way these girls looked. Even though their makeup appeared to be applied with a butter knife, there's something inspiring about not being afraid to vamp-out. On a Tuesday. It was all about huge, wavy hair crimpled within an inch of its life, flourescent socks, fiery fuschia gloss, kohl-rimmed eyes, and a well-placed beauty mark. And you'd definitely get that B-girl pass revoked without blood-red nails poking out of your fingerless black lace gloves. Just in time for my 80's obsession, the sexiest red polish EVER has just hit the shelves: Chanel Nail Colour in Shanghai Red. Instead of rocking this deep, crimson-wine shade on Brenda K. Star-style claws, make sure you keep things '05 fabulous by painting it onto short, rounded nails. Word up!

News flash, news flash!! I just got my copy of THE BEAUTY OF COLOR, the new beauty book I co-wrote for Iman? It's absolutely BREATHTAKING and you must jump on it when it debuts next month! In the meantime, in lieu of the book launch, click here to enter Iman's exclusive "NYC in Color" sweepstakes: You can win a trip for two to Manhattan, VIP passes to the book launch party (I already have my dress--okay, who's kidding who, I bought it the second she asked me to work on the book), dinner for two at a hot restaurant, and an exclusive makeover with celebrity makeup artist Byron Barnes! Good luck, muchachitas!!

a big "mwah" on both cheeks,


Blogger LUXE_DivaSoulSistaHuneyChil said...

Ok even though I was a pup in the 80's (born in 84') No one was a bigger fan of Vanity in "The last dragon" than me! I had no clue about her raunchy lifestyle, all I knew was that she was fierce! Her makeup was so 80's yet she never overdosed on eyeshadow... at least not in this movie.


1:39 PM  
Anonymous Funkeedva said...

"Just directa your feetsa to Daddy Green's Pizza"

Last Dragon was CLASSIC! :) heheheh

Good lookin out on the Iman sweepstakes. I hope I win it! :)

8:31 AM  
Blogger MalcaJ said...

Yessss that movie is classic with sexy Bruce Leroy (i still have a crush) and Shonufff with the ill blow out but I have to say my favorite 80's diva has got to be Jackee'as Sandra Clark from 227..i have been watching it on TvOne and she was definitely always foxy and fly..and yes i forgive her for celebrity fit club she'll always be fly to me

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Quel said...

I LOVED Vanity in The Last Dragon! "Nevaah saaay nevaah, to heaven's ela-vat-a doaah."

Big moon-shaped bangs with colorful banana clips was my style in the 80's. Remember banana clips? The faux-hawk seem to have made a comeback. I wonder if the return of the banana clip is just around the corner. Hmmm?

12:00 PM  
Blogger princessdominique said...

Tia that quote was hilarious the minute she said it. I can't wait until tonight!

12:05 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Okay, I have seen two lovely ladies sporting banana clips in the last two weeks. I think they are making a comeback!

2:49 AM  
Blogger miyna said...

what an adorable blog! love it love it love it!

i missed that episode - ANTM, that is. model wannabes can be funny sometimes, but my daughter likes to watch and criticize, so i try not to watch when she's around. she's too young to be so mean.

Vanity = my homie
Jackee = real diva

i'll be back - shonuff! ^_^

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Tami said...

Yes, I love the 80's also ..remember those clear swatch phones that you could talk at each end receiver and the base so you and your BF could both talk to who ever was the boy flavor of the month !! :-) memories

4:09 PM  
Blogger Shelia said...

Where you at?

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Dionne said...

Hey Tia,

I was at the bookstore this afternoon and I saw Iman's book. Love it, love it love it. Because I am a struggling journalist on a budget, I have to wait to buy it. But because I am make-up challenged, I know it will come in handy.‡

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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