Friday, October 30, 2009

Cocktails and Perfume...Happy Halloween to me!

Hola chicas,
Last night, me, my darling Karen from PurpleLab, and her incredibly game hubby, Todd, stormed a masquerade ball/launch party for YSL's new Parisienne fragrance...and it was very toot-toot-beep-beep! The invitation clearly stated "stylish attire and mask required," and we were thrilled to see that people really took it there (of course my Karen, who's truly NYC's original Carrie Bradshaw, shoes and all, ordered her mask from some chic fetish site). I mean, if you're thinking "Eyes Wide Shut," you're not far off. It was in this old synagogue on the lower east side, so it had that old-school, naughty-church, Limelight feel...the Misshapes deejayed, Alexandra Richards (spawn of Keith & Patti, don't get me started on the glamour) hosted, and I cocktailed. Too much. Not sure how I got home--and that apple pie ate itself, I swear--but I AM sure that YSL knows how to throw a delicious party. Oh, and fragrance lovers...Parisienne is truly a gorgeous scent. Have you seen the print ads? Kate Moss, darling. And apparently, the uncut commercial is only being shown in Europe; it's too hot for the US. Pout. Why does Europe get to have all the sexiness?

Happy Halloween, my pretties!!


Blogger Lee said...

Sounds like a real blast and most fabulous. Don't you get to have all the fun!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Moni said...

Happy Halloween Tia! Tonight I will be fluffing out my fro to truly represent with my Angela Davis costume!

5:39 PM  

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