Friday, January 27, 2006

Not-so-foxy brown

Hey ladies,
Ohhh my hair. As many of you will remember, I ruined my hair a couple months ago during a dangerously impulsive, breaka-breaka-dawn hair-coloring session. I’ve been writing about beauty for SEVEN years, I should’ve known better, but really…is it fair to hold a person accountable for mistakes made at 3am? If it were, would darling Lindsay Lohan have a career? Anyway. For those of you not familiar with my nightmare, here’s the jist:, I fell asleep with dye in my hair after painting on highlights from a box. Yep, I had orange streaks vivid enough to have made a late-eighties era Pepa roar with envy (imagine if I were also rocking an asymmetric mushroom ‘do and gold dookie chains). Immediately I went to the salon and got a dark allover rinse, which hides everything until a couple weeks later when it starts to fade...and the horrible 'lights begin creeping out. Argh! Oh girls, I can’t think of anything else! Not even the brilliant reality trifecta of Dancing With the Stars, Project Runway and American Idol (I only enjoy the audition process—once the actual competition starts, with its show-tunes and limp-wristed Motown medleys, I fall asleep) can take my mind off the tragedy that is my hair. My obsession has translated into a full-blown haircare obsession. I’ve thrown out all my old shampoos, conditioners and styling stuff, and replaced them with FABULOUS haircolor-preserving products that help tone down my brassy streaks and enrich and illuminate my darker rinse. Not only are these products perfect for midnight-dyers like myself, they’re just the thing to brighten up highlighted or color-treated hair that’s turned brassy or dull (um, assuming most of you fall somewhere in the brunette category). So pay attention and sassy-up your shade, hot stuff.


PS: I want to thank Shoelover for voting me the best-dressed blogger on her site. My head is swelling as a write! And let’s here it for Mystie, who was all over the Jan/Feb ACCIDENTAL DIVA trivia question…the designer’s name was Sam C. (you almost had it Cousin Kuka, besos & abrazos to you, too!).

1.) SHAMPOO: Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Brown Shampoo:
Love, love, love! This super-light, super-detangling shampoo is blended with coffee and henna to bring out warm, golden-brown tones in natural or color-treated brunettes. I love it because it helps extend the life of the brown rinse that’s covering my sad streaks!

2.) CONDITIONER: Aveda Color Enhancing Conditioner in Black Malva:
Not only is the most luscious, moisturizing conditioner I’ve used in ages, it tones down my orange situation with black tea extracts—a lovely little ingredient that helps intensify dark shades and balance out brassiness.

3.) LEAVE-IN: Redken Color Extend Total Recharge:
A total must for anyone with highlights or allover color! To help prevent your dye job from fading (a problem that’s only too prevalent during these harsh winter months), massage this protein-rich treatment into wet hair after conditioning, and don’t rinse. I’m really into the fruity scent, too.

4.) STRAIGHTENING BALM: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Simply Sleek Straightening Balm:
If I could get naked and roll around with this multi-tasking shine balm, I would. Whether you’re enhancing your dye job or simply adding oomph to natural brown hair, a dab of this glossy balm seems to do everything short of your taxes: It smoothes split ends; infuses dull brown hair with a glistening, multi-toned shine; and when applied before flatironing, helps achieve a flawlessly smooth finish. I don’t know, I think this stuff could EASILY replace Dubya in the Oval Office.

5.) SEMI-PERMANENT SHINE: Clairol Natural Instincts Shine Happy Clear Shine Treatment:

Every colorist I’ve ever interviewed has stressed the importance of shine to color-treated hair. It’s simple—the shinier your hair, the more vibrant and healthy the color looks. You used to have to go in the salon to get a shine infusion, but now we have the luxury of Clairol’s genius at-home “Shine Happy” treatment! You just work it to your hair like shampoo, wait ten minutes, and rinse for brilliant glossiness that lasts up to FOUR WEEKS! If your hair’s color-treated, apply it three or four weeks after dyeing. If you’re au naturel, go for it once a month.


Blogger Elke said...

As a fellow 'colored' brunette, I feel your pain! How about quickie "coffee" rinses to tie over? (May or may not be enough 'color' to hide....) Or the colored on hair sprays in a pinch? You know, just enough to tie you over till you get to the next color phase?

best of luck!

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Fo' Real in Los Angeles said...

I am definitely going to try the clear rinse. My hair is afro-textured and natural and shine is not my friend. Here's hoping that this rinse works.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Schanina said...

Yeah-I wanna grab a case load of that Clairol Natural Instincts Shine if it works...I'll try it first and then I'll use my Costco Card. It's always a struggle getting that salon perfect shine-when I'm doing it myself-I am really excited about this product!

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Funkee said...

I have been using black malva since college. I use the garnier fructis conditioner (with fruit oils) and I LOVE IT! Used to use shampure and it was not the best...smells great but that's about it.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did you change the name?? To Dye For was awesome

3:51 PM  
Blogger Danyel said...

i want 3. 4. and 5.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Cece said...

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9:56 AM  
Blogger Cece said...

LaToya said...
Tia...Oh my god. I got accidental diva from my library(i'm post college - first job poor) and it is so damn good!! Seriously. You know I'm a faithful reader but I was not expecting that kind of story. I read until midnight and grabbed it to read during my lunch. Chile...or as my new phrase goes~bey, you will have no trouble being the brown Jackie Collins.

Now that I've gushed enough a real beauty question: how does one create loose waves on relaxed hair?? What are the best products to hold the curl and is there any other way besides a curling iron (my hair is colored, trying to minimize the damage.) Please help. Major party coming up and I have to look amazing!! Any comments from other readers would also be appreciated.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Shelia said...

I'm getting tired of my jet black hair so it's time for a new color. I like auburn or maybe a honey brown color.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you say you have to wait to do the shine after coloring, but how long do you have to wait after relaxing? Cuz I definitely wanna give it a try.

4:11 PM  
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