Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You've got nail!

Hi ladies,
Our winner for week four of SYB's "Free at Last" Giveaway Extravaganza is...drumroll...Deanna! Yay, DEANNA! Miss Deanna, shoot me an email at with your address, so I can send you a stack of Jessica Kagan Cushman Printed Resin Bangles from Girls, make sure you come back next Monday for week five of "Free at Last," and compete to win a bunch of haircare essentials from Redken! And now, my newest obsession...

Like everyone else, I've been trying to save money wherever I can. You know, decide what I can and can't live with. I absolute cannot live without my blowouts, so I'm continuing to visit Adelina's every Sunday. What I AM cutting back on, though, is nail salon visits...and it's all because I have a huge crush on my Tweezerman Petite Manicure Set ($20). The darling, itty-bitty nail kit comes with a totally revolutionary Cuticle & Hangnail Trimmer (it handles like a tweezer, giving you more control...loves it); a Pushy & Nail Cleaner (it's a two-in-one cuticle pusher and nail cleaner); and a mini Nail File. I never realized how freeing it is to tend to one's own nails! And these little tools are so effective, I've taken to whipping them out whenever I have a moment. In fact, hangnail-snipping and cuticle-pushing has replaced brow-tweezing as my chief insomniac activity. The kit is super-chic, too.

Now, if you happen to be a Demi Lovato and Twilight-obsessed sixteen-year-old, I'd recommend the Juicy Loves Sephora Manicure Set ($25...$54 value!), which comes with a crown-kissed nail file, royal nail scissors and clippers, and a pink cuticle pusher. Sweet!



Anonymous tabitha said...

Tia you just like mini-stuff! :)

I can't do my own nails (too many sharp tools for me to injure my clumsy self with), but I want to say that I did think of you last week when I went to get my pedicure. Before I was set to leave, they wrapped my feet in plastic wrap and I thought of you!

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tia, when you were pregnant with your baby girl,did you get relaxers? If not, what was your hair regimen?

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Sherriann said...

Wait a minute, the Juicy Couture set is only for 16 year olds?? So 30 is too old? But it's so cute! **sigh**

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to be a manicure and pedicure devotee from a young age (thanks Dad for treating me like a little princess!). After seeing a very nasty expose on 20/20 about nail salon fungi, that cured my addiction. I do my own nails and I find the whole process kind of Zen! Throw on my WeTV and get to work :)


1:05 PM  
Anonymous gucci glasses said...

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