Friday, April 24, 2009

Feelin' Fine

Hola locas,
Well! Last night I had the distinct pleasure of attending the launch of my dear friend Sam Fine's makeup how-to DVD, called FINE: THE BASICS OF BEAUTY ($24.99)! There we are, looking eerily like brother and sister. Oh ladies, I'm SO excited. Sam and I have been musing about this DVD on and off for years, so I'm thrilled to see the dream come to life! For the uninitiated, Sam Fine is one of the most influential celebrity makeup artists, like, ever (just ask his devotees, including Iman, Naomi, Halle, Veronica Webb, Tyra, Queen Latifah and Queen Rupaul). Ten years ago, he wrote the bestselling makeup book, FINE BEAUTY, and now he's expanded his beauty empire with this gorgeous instructional DVD, which educates both "regular" women and aspiring makeup artists on how to create great face. There are application tips, professional tricks, tool how-to's, and tons of practical advice on how women of color can look their most amazing-mazing. Finally, right?! The DVD comes out in May, but in the meantime here are some tips from Sam on how to create a devastating 15-minute face. And...time!


1.) PREP: After applying moisturizer, press a tissue to your face to blot off excess shininess. This evens out your skin texture so your powder doesn't go on streaky or blotchy.

2.) CONCEALER: Use your finger to apply concealer over blemishes and under eyes (if you need a bit more coverage, use a stick foundation as concealer...just make sure it's a shade or two lighter than your complexion). When concealing the undereye area, make sure you fan the color out over the cheeks so it looks seamless. To set, dust a translucent loose powder allover with a big, fluffy brush.

3.) BROWS: Fill in brows with two different brown pencils--one a shade lighter than your haircolor, the other a shade darker. This makes for a more natural look!

4.) LASHES: Before curling your lashes, wipe your mascara wand with a tissue and apply a thin coat to lashes. This technique actually sets your lashes, making the curl last longer! Followup with another, thicker coat.

5.) FACE: Instead of blush, choose a powder bronzer two shades darker than your skintone, and dust it along cheekbones and the outer perimeter of your face (ie, hairline, jaw, etc.). Not only does this technique give your face a sultry glow, it adds dimension. Has your face ever looked mask-like in pictures? It's probably because you applied only ONE foundation or powder shade. The thing is, no one has a monochromatic skintone! Adding bronzer helps give your complexion natural-looking dimension. The lesson? Don't go anywhere near a camera without first applying bronzer.

6.) LIP: Line and fill in lips with a pencil a shade or two darker than your skin color. Follow up with your favorite gloss or lipstick, and you're done!

Brilliant. Thanks Sam! Make sure you stop by to pick up the DVD in May. Love you,

PS: Here's an example of Sam's exquisite handiwork, up close. This was seconds after he painted my face for my
IT CHICKS author photo. I've never looked so delish, honey.


Anonymous tabitha said...

There is no way you just had a baby four months ago. Look how thin!

I can't wait for the DVD! Thanks, Tia!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous philloy0309 said...

Tia, I love how Mr. Fine did your makeup!!! What lipcolor/gloss are you wearing? I have been trying to find a nice nude color like that.

Also, I finally signed up for BeautyFix and saw you are on the panel!!! I love the 3 Lab moisturizer and the Hoffman serum. I even tried the self-tanner for the first time in my life! Do you have to layer it cause I don't see much difference? What are your favorites from this group?

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it's coming soon!! I'll be first in line/online to get Sam's DVD! As far as I'm concerned, Sam is the voice of authority when it comes to beautifying women of color. I've admired his work for so long. I've been to several of his personal appearances. I've watched and taken notes as he demonstrated how to create a beautiful flawless face. Now I will have the DVD to rewind as many times as necessary and practice his expert techniques. I'm really looking forward to hearing his advice and seeing him demonstrate step-by-step make-overs on everyday women. Much love to Sam for understanding and creating a product that addresses the needs of women of color. I'll be showing my support by shopping early for birthdays, Christmas, etc. All my girlfriends will get a gift bag with one of Sam's DVDs and some specially selected products.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

It never takes me 15 minutes. Love you and Sam Fine! So divine~

3:51 PM  
Blogger Charlene said... gorge!!! i love!! pls dish what foundation/concealer/powder he used...plsss..matches your complexion so perfectly!

9:26 PM  
Anonymous degagirl said...

I am usually a lurker; but with this post I finally have the guts to make a comment. Thanks to you and Mr. Fine for the tips; especially about bronzer. I have been trying to convince my friends for years to use it; now that I have back up they may listen to me.

Thank you again Ms. Tia!

11:25 PM  
Anonymous coco_fiere said...

Love Mr. Fine! I'm with you Melinda-it never takes me 15 minutes. I tend to oversleep so out of necessity and vanity, I've mastered a banging face (natural or evening) in 5-6 minutes. If I'm really doing it (photos or something), I take 10-12. I'm even able to do it in my car....while driving (eyes only at stoplights)! LOL

2:53 AM  
Anonymous sara said...

Tia you hair looks great! I recently had a relaxer done by a stylist in new york and i noticed that my hair was not done properly. Please recommend a stylist in NY that gives good relaxers.


3:46 PM  
Anonymous E. D. Lewis said...

Wow you lost that baby weight fast!!! Sam is a great artist and you really do look like brother and sister. Your makeup looked so pretty and so natural.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Erika said...

Wait, didn't you JUST have a baby?! You look amazing. And, wow, who knew Sam Fine was so fine! Ha.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous couturenerd said...

Thanks for keeping us aware Tia. I can't wait!! I especially love that he'll be paying attention to special issues for women of color. You'd be amazed how many top tier lines just can't seem to get the foundation right for skin with more melanin. Love ya and btw you look fab!! Please share your exercise tips ... that too is impt to beauty (and health).

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Jackson's Mommy said...

No doubt! You look GREAT!!! SO lucky you did not lose your hair :-) You look wonderful post baby :-) Remember Jackson is your precious future beau:

4:04 PM  
Anonymous L said...

Does anyone know exactly when in May Sam Fine's DVD will be available?

10:59 PM  
Anonymous L said...

Yeah! The DVD is availble at Amazon:

4:06 PM  

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